University works recognize and support the Government of the People

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Students from the Autonomous University of Nayarit (UAN) welcomed the support provided by the Government of the People at this university, through various works that paid to the safety of the university community.

Weighted to institutional support as ever this translates into better quality of facilities generally are renewed now accesses are continuously monitored and the perimeter Bardeo comes to ensuring the integrity of the university community.

They said that with the reliable support of the Government of the People, the commitment of the university community have towards their community invigorates and renews, beyond the role that each person plays, they all correspond to seek support in turn received as students.

In this regard the nursing student Octavio Hernández said: "It is great that the government can actually worry for the University, our university, because in reality we students need good infrastructure to do better. That which made ​​the whole University bardear I think is perfect for safety, which is already controlled access right now. "

For its part, also a student of the faculty of nursing at the UAN, Pamela Vazquez, said: "It makes me very good works because we too are things that we needed here as long, and they have been very efficient the works very well positioned, very well made, very good. I think so much commitment and because we are all united, because as this is all. "

Meanwhile, student accounting and administration, Kupuri Tortolero said: "Very favorable for college, mostly for safety we have to cross streets and the best places to take us. It benefits mostly supports giving the governor directly to college, such as scholarships for further study. Yes there is a big commitment and I do think they are doing a great job. "

The worker at the Autonomous University of Nayarit, Jesus Sanchez, said: "We as employees of the University have here the CENDI of our children and all when leaving at two in the afternoon, right now there are more fluent by the number of lanes out there. They are fine works. Thanks to the State Government is doing good works, which is the periphery of the University and we are benefiting. "

Works with tangible and real use to the university community, the Government of the People patentiza its commitment to highest seat of learning of Nayarit.