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Dr. Héctor Octavio Picazo - Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular An Interview with Doctor Héctor Octavio Picazo

Doctor what is your specialty?

I am Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon.

Now tell me about the diseases that you deal with in your field?

Lung cancer and chest wall deformities, arterial disease, chest trauma in accidents, pleural effusions, (Fluid of the lung) and other diseases, requiring surgical treatment.

The vascular area includes surgical treatment, endovascular of arterial and venous diseases,
Within arterial disease we are talking about Aorta aneurysms, carotid aneurysms, aneurysms in any other artery, occlusions by cholesterol, or calcium in the arteries, arteries in the legs, diabetic foot, edema diseases, (inflammation of the legs) or venous diseases, varicose vein disease, which primarily are treated more, and venous ulcers, thrombi or clots in the veins.

Doctor. The Amerimed hospital here in Puerto Vallarta is recognized as the best in cutting edge technology what can you tell me about it?

Amerimed Hospital is a cutting edge hospital, and is being used in many of the leading-edge specialties specifically in mine. I'm the only one at the moment who is doing radiofrequency treatments in venous diseases, mainly varicose veins and this is new, because it is and outpatient treatment, patient recovery is very fast, after the procedure the patient goes home.
This is what has revolutionized in recent years in venous surgery, together with the laser that we can also provide.

Dr. Héctor Octavio Picazo - Cardiothoracic and Cardiovascular What are the benefits to the patient who attends here in Amerimed?

The plus we can offer is the quality of medical care, cutting-edge technology, This allows us, to have very good results with patients. I think this is what putting us, in a privileged position here in Vallarta

Foreign patients are more demanding what do you do with Canadian or American tourist who expect special treatment, are you prepared to receive them?

In the area of Puerto Vallarta and the Banderas Bay region, we have local and foreign residents, and those who come here for 4 to 6 months per year, this makes us have different markets where the foreigners are used to having a certain type of medical care in their country of origin. United States and Canada health system are different, but patients are accustomed to a certain quality.  These  is what they expect here regardless of the support they need in language, what they expect is quality of care and safety especially in the procedures we do, and that is what in recent years we have been working hard to achieve in the hospitals of Puerto Vallarta. Being able to offer quality and safety, at each of the hospitals and looking for ways to become certified by General Health Advice in Mexico and Joint Commission in the United States. That in the end gives us a plus, if they know we're certified and accredited, it guarantees that they will have a good quality care and world class.

What is your experience as a Doctor?

I have lived in PV for seven years, exercising my specialty and I've been working mainly at Amerimed but also at the rest of the hospitals in the Bay, my experience has been good, half of my patients are foreigners from both USA and Canada, the other half are local patients from our region, and most of my patients are the vascular area, and a percentage are the area of the thorax, both are what I do.

Do you Speak English?

Yes, 90 percent, the patient understands me and I understand them perfectly.

I know there was an event at the Hotel Marriott.  Did you attend?

Yes I did, Medical Matter is an event organized by the American Consulate, and Pamela Thompson with her company HealthCare Resources together they make possible this event, is to inform the community of foreigners resident in the area of PV and Banderas Bay, given to know them what are the services offered in the area; hospitals, specialties, stands are mounted with medical information, we make important conferences for the patient, we talk about topics like gynecology, breast cancer, orthopedics, general surgery,  infectious diseases, a variety of topics of great interest to all residents, especially considering they already live permanently, others spend here 4 or 6 months of the year because they come in the winter season, fleeing the cold, from the north of continent, and most of them are already for his age with chronic diseases, that are under control, and wanting to have knowledge
Where and with whom to turn if needed.

Have you ever participated in a charity program?

All programs are given are altruistic surgery, was associated with saw cleft, it's not my area, I have not had a chance to work on a program like this.

Would you like to participate in any altruistic program?

Yes, of course I support the Regional hospital, when they have a medical necessity and when it is low-income people, The Social Workers from the hospital has my Phone Number in case of an emergency, they know they have my full support in case of patience who have not economic possibilities, I see the patient and if there are possibilities to help I do. It is the only place where I tried to do some altruistic aid. But no other programs have come to me.

Talking about prices, there is a difference between hospitals in the United States and Canada in comparison to PV?

Yes it is much cheaper here, this hospital and many of the Doctors accept national and international insurance, when the patient arrives to the hospital we make the procedures necessary for the insurance to pay the bill, when the patient does not have insurance they are given a special price, but it doesn't cost them what it usually cost them in the United States, in Canada it is different because the insurance is free for Canadians. But in the United States it is very expensive, here is definitely much cheaper.

One of the slogans of Amerimed is quality and warmth what do you mean by that?

The American and Canadian foreign patients, are surprised at the medical care, the quality and the warmth of care that they receive from us, this is something they say, the human touch that we give them here. Is different from what they receive in their country.

Have you ever had a celebrity as a patient?

Yes (Laugh) I have had 2 0r 3 famous personalities, but I will not be able to tell you their names.

When you offer quality service for the patient you generate confidence, and PV is a very quiet and safe area to live.

Doctor what would you like to say to the foreign tourist who retires and comes to live here?

Have the confidence that any medical condition that could present, such as chronic disease control, check-ups, heart attack, stroke, traumatisms, emergencies of all kinds, (poisoning, Doctorowning,) we have the technology and quality in the services, and also they will be attended from the outset by specialists, who will give a diagnosis in a timely manner.  When you offer quality service for the patient you generate confidence, and PV is a very quiet and safe area to live.

When the foreign patient ask the doctor for pharmaceutical medicine do you give it to them?

Foreigners are accustomed to receive strong medicines in their Country, and when they come here and have a problem and want to receive the same type of medicine, we do not always give it to them, medicines are given when they are hospitalized or only if they really require, we prescribe medicine not as strong but removed the pain.

As a Doctor we have a License to prescribe certain type of medicine, but we must be responsible to whom we give them and for how long, not only because the patient requests. This is how we operate here at the hospital. We explain to the patient the reasons it is not given, the exceptions must be supported with clinical record, together with a copy of the prescription and the reason.

Is there something else you want to say?

Many thanks to Vallarta today for this interview, we invite people to visit us, in case you ever require  our services, if there is something we can attend too, we are here to help you.