Corneal Surgery

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Dr. Ana Patricia López Valerio - Ophthalmology and Corneal Surgery Dr. Ana Patricia López Valerio

Doctor what is your specialty?

I am an Ophthalmologist, and my specialty is in Cornea Surgery.

Dr. Can you explain a little what is your specialty about?

The cornea is the front of the eye which can be transplanted. It suffers from some specific problems such as alterations in form, specifically the keratoconus and keratoglobo and sometimes these are causes or reasons for transplantation. In other cases the cornea may suffer from infections which are very commonly caused by contact lenses, you may end up sometimes with an ulcer which slims the cornea and often runs the risk of piercing the eye.

The cornea is one of the most important parts of the eye, it is the lens with the greatest diopter, the optical system of the eye is about 42 diopters and without them we could simply not see, even though it is a very small structure it is very important. In that segment of the eye is where I have the subspecialty.

As a specialists what do you do to stay at the forefront?

We attend courses, symposia, colloquia and conferences, supported by the Board of Ophthalmology.

Dr. Do you have the necessary technology to treat patients in your specialty?

Yes, we have diagnostic equipment to allow us to do surgical procedures with excellent results.

Is there a page on the Internet for certified eye doctors, so that the patient can access and check his ophthalmologist?

Yes, the Mexican Council of Ophthalmology, checks that you're actually certified. You can access this page and check your doctor: www.consejodeoftalmologia.com

Is the cost of surgery here in Vallarta and in USA the same?

Surgery is much cheaper here in PV for Americans, even so for Mexicans from Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey. Prices in ophthalmology are much cheaper for foreigners.

DSC05389_thumbIs it difficult to get a specific type of lens?

We handle imported intra-ocular brands, which even in the U.S. would be much more expensive than here.

Have you ever seen a patient for an emergency and what types of emergencies could arise?

Yes, for corneal injury caused by frisbees, which is very common and from some other objects. I had a patient who a had his transplant popped out by a fressbe, these type of situations are very complicated and we serve them here.

What is the treatment to a patient that is being served here in the AmeriMed hospital like?

Here in Puerto Vallarta we give them a personalized service, and we are a team, we make the patient feel spoiled and they like it a lot.

Dr. What other ophthalmology services do you offer?

General ophthalmology consultation, adaptation of lenses (glasses) and contact lens fitting.