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Dr. Raymundo Aviles - Nephrologist An Interview with Doctor Raymundo Aviles - Nephrologist

Doctor Aviles, what is your specialty?

I am a Nephrologist.

Dr. what types of patients seen in your specialty?

I see patients with kidney disease, there are multiple causes being the most important cause of diabetes with renal damage and hypertension and polycystic kidney disease, patients with nephrolithiasis, urinary repetitive, chronic renal failure has a 5-stage evolution THROUGH being the 4 and 5 the  we serve here. States are predialíticos patients up to the dialysis.

What is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a replacement therapy, renal function and kidney function is our below 11 milliliters per minute percentage based on medullary filtration rate, which is the percentage of plasma is filtered in a kidney, it is normal filter out 90 to 120 milliliters of plasma per minute.

What types of dialysis does the hospital manages?

Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis, renal transplantation remains the best therapy for kidney patients in a terminal condition very advanced.

Let's talk about the technology used here in the hospital AmeriMed for your specialty?

We have a hemodialysis unit with 15 machines Vallarta and serve foreign patients visiting us from different countries like Canada and Russia.

What is the process for making a Hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis is a treatment where through a special filter process the patient's blood, is replace kidney function, require vascular access, to place a catheter into a vein in the neck, either in a jugular vein, or THROUGH a graft, to take the blood of the patient, we passed a filter, cleaned and debugged, extract the excess fluid from the patient. And the back clean the patient's body.

Each process takes every 3 0 4 hours depending on each patient.

Let's talk about the technology that has the hospital for hemodialysis in your specialty?

Our technology covers fresenios type machines and is the brand under which work is technology. For patients with renal insufficiency. The hospital AmeriMed count with a lot of machines to perform this process in patients.

What advantages has used this type of equipment?

A great advantage in the improvement of quality of life if the patient does not deteriorate hemodiáliza life time until death.

This service in health care that timetable is available for foreign patient?

24 hours. A day, 365 days a year.

Dr. Raymundo Aviles - Nephrologist Do you have foreign patients visit?

Canadian cold seasons, which for them is very difficult transported to hospital by weather conditions. And Russian patients.

Are you certified by some association?

I'm a doctor certified by the Mexican Council of Nephrology, and every four years we certify constantly attended national and international conferences. By bringing certain amount of points we turn to certify.

What is the process to place a catheter in order to filter the blood?

To place a vascular access surgery have to do in order to place a temporary or permanent catheter is required to use OR and for grafting. Surgery is performed chest thistle.

Because some patients when they find out that you have actual failure think they will die?

For lack of information for patients, nephrology is not well known, until we have patients with very advanced disease..

A patient could improve your quality of life?

If we have patients from Russia, Canada year after year visit us from 12-13 hours commercial flights from Russia is because we give them good service and because of that have a good quality of life.

Dr. There is a page on the Internet where they can learn of dialysis?


Recommendations for patients?

The situation for patients on dialysis, who come with a nephrologist who can improve their standard of living. And to get to prolong his life until 12 years without transplantation and transplant is much better.
We have among our patient's teachers, professionals, who can continue their physical activities. Eating a special diet and so leads a normal life.

Kidney failure is a chronic disease, is for life until the patient receives a transplant.
We invite you to know our state of the art facilities, the service will be quality and we will offer excellent care.