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Dr. Ulises Zertuche Zapata - Ophthalmology and RetinologyAn interview with Dr. Ulises Zertuche Zapata

Dr. What is your specialty?

I am a Ophthalmologist and my specialty is in Retinology

Can you explain a little bit what is the retina?

Yes, the retina is the back layer of the eye, it is like if it was a satellite dish, it is that which receives all the signals and then transmits them to the brain.

What is your experience as a retina specialist?

25 years of experience.

In your specialty what diseases could you address?

What I mostly see are diabetic patients, diabetic retinopathy patients. Diabetes is the No.1 cause in the world of acquired blindness. Usually they are local patients, foreigners most commonly have maculopathy, and retinal detachment and vascular occlusions.

Doctor, Are there new advances in technology for the treatment of diabetes in your specialty?

Yes, progress has been made in technology, now we can offer the patient laser or injected drug treatments that are called antiangiogenics and retinal surgery and vitrectomy.

How is diabetes associated with vision loss?

When a diabetic patient lacks oxygen in his tissues, as well as a lack of oxygen in his legs and brain, he is also missing it in his eyes. It starts a compensation mechanism in the eye, liquid begins to leak, small hemorrhages occur, then abnormal vessels present themselves that bleed easily, and when they bleed there is a process called migration of fibroblasts, it is like a scar and this can eventually lead to a retinal detachment.

Dr. Ulises Zertuche Zapata - Ophthalmology and RetinologyWhat problems may occur?

Intra-ocular hemorrhage, tractional retina detachment, neovascular glaucoma.

Dr. Do you have foreign patients?

In my specialty I attend foreign patients, who upon returning to their country ask their ophthalmologist that if in Mexico we did things well and that is something I take a lot of care of.

Dr. Are you prepared in terms of technology to service all types of patients you see in your specialty?

In Mexico we are practically at the forefront in ophthalmology, we manage retinal laser, laser for glaucoma, vitrectomy surgery, retinal surgery and antiangiogenic applications of all types.
What types of patients do you see in your specialty?

Adults and senior patients who have cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, maculopathy and retinal vascular problems.

Dr what other services in ophthalmology do you offer?

General ophthalmology consultation and lens fitting.

Have you participated in charitable programs?

Yes, we have participated in brigades where we do cataract surgeries altruistically.

Message to Foreigners?

Yes, the hospital AmeriMed and the specialists who work here, are ready to serve you, we have sufficient equipment and technology to realize the procedures and emergencies that might arise, in your stay here in Puerto Vallarta.