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Historical Highlights

1550's Local coast explored by Spanish conquistadors.

1851 Area surrounding the River Cuale is settled by farmers, fishermen, miners and the owners of banana and mango plantations.

1918 Puerto Vallarta, formerly known as Puerto Las Peñas, is officially named after Ignacio L. Vallarta, governor of the State of Jalisco during the Mexican Revolution and an author of the Mexican constitution. Approximately 1,500 residents live in this modest community that serves as a port for silver shipments from local Cuale mines.

1964 Oscar-winning film director John Huston arrives with Richard Burton and movie crew to film Tennessee William's "Night of the Iguana." Elizabeth Taylor's appearance in town and torrid affair with Burton causes a Hollywood scandal which becomes international headline news. Puerto Vallarta gains instant fame and becomes a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

1996 A magical combination of colonial charm and cosmopolitan amenities, Puerto Vallarta now has 350,00 residents, more than 15,000 hotel rooms and attracts over 2 million annual visitors.