Letter to the Editor - Obtaining Residency

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According to one of the many tourist books I have been reading, it was suggested to contact your paper about how to obtain residency. I went through your website and maybe I just missed it.

This is the situation: I am a retired American, 64 years old, receiving a pension as well as Social Security. I also have some rental income. There is also a friend, from Spain, 52 years old, who will be coming with me. Unfortunately, I am his sole support.

I know that the total time allowed for us is 180 days on a tourist visa, FM3. In most of the books, all I have to do is go back across the border and return with a new tourist card. However in one book, it was stated that Immigration is aware of this and now places a maximum stay of 180 days per year. Could you explain which is the case? I do not mind going to Mexico City if needed to extend or obtain the necessary documents for submission.

Therefore, please tell me where I can find this information to begin with. We are planning on coming to Puerto Vallarta at the end of July and there is a Mexican consulate here in Denver.

I look forward to your advice and suggestions.


Louis Palazzini