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Meet “Miracle,” found as a kitten in a lifeless state of severe dehydration and barely detectable breathing, now lives a happy and healthy life with her adopted family.

Hello Everyone, Welcome to our world of animal rescue. We are a family of four from California where we have a home on 80 acres abundant with wildlife. We have taken in and cared for injured and rescued animals for over 25 years first in California, and now here in Puerto Vallarta. We have rescued and/or fostered dogs, cats, squirrels, goats, wild pigs, domestic pigs, horses, donkeys, llamas, emus, peacocks, parrots, pigeons, doves, chickens, snakes, turtles, iguanas, and we even got to save an owl one late night.

We have lived in PV for over 10 years now, and have encountered many injured or stray animals that need urgent care. We do what we can from our own pockets, which can include medical treatment, surgery, and certainly animal food, but we would very much like to do more and reach out further into our surrounding colonias. Our most important goals are to care for injured animals and to promote awareness about the importance of spaying and neutering dogs and cats, and informing communities of the dates and locations of free spay/neuter clinics.

So how about helping out some furry friends in need? Every bit of your donation will go toward loving and nurturing animal care prioritized as such:

  1. Emergency medical care for traumatic injury rescues and basic needs of fostered animals. This would include food, shelter, bedding, caging material or fencing material.
  2. Preventative health care for fostered animals and neighborhood strays. This would include immunizations, wormings, and parasite prevention or treatment.
  3. We would like to help some refuge homes that we know of who have taken in multiple stray cats with the goodness of their hearts, but are struggling to feed and care for them properly. We wish to donate food and help provide medical care for these animals.
  4. Promote awareness regarding the importance of spaying and neutering cats and dogs, and provide the information of dates and times of free spay/neuter clinics.

Thank you for your consideration, and we hope you will find it in your heart to make a donation to help animals in need in the Puerto Vallarta community.

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