Have you ever wondered how many expats live in Mexico?

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expatsfronttThe readers are constantly asking us through social networks if we know how many expats actually live in Mexico full time.

Because most of them find it hard to believe that more than 1.5 million expats from around the world call Mexico home these days.

Pinning down the exact number has always been difficult because census bureaus and state departments within countries often don’t track the whereabouts of their expats on a regular basis.

So along with 2b Marketing, a Merida-based professional services organization that analyzes and interprets information gathered from the local, national and international markets, came up with this infographic to respond to that question in a simple and visual way.

Infografía Expats en México TYT

Please include attribution to 2b Marketing and The Yucatan Times with this infography

Source: The Yucatan Times

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