It Is Official! COVID19 Quarantine is Over June 1st!

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The Government of Mexico, under the command of President Andrés Manul López Obrador, announced this Wednesday the "Plan for the return to the new normal", in which it established an epidemiological traffic light that will determine when the quarantine can be lifted in the municipalities from the country.

In this sense, there are four colors on the map that indicate the degree of contagion, and therefore determine the date on which municipalities can return to their daily activities and lift measures such as the confinement and closure of non-essential businesses. .

For this, on May 18, 269 "municipalities of hope" that do not register any contagion may begin to resume their normal activities, with extreme isolation protocols compared to those that do, with rigorous sanitary filters.

While from May 18 to 31, preparations would be made for the municipalities with low transmission to return with limitations or in full to their activities and lift the confinement.

At the traffic light by colors established by the Ministry of Health, the municipalities in green, may return to essential activities and completely lift the confinement on June, is the case, for example, of Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas, which they present a “very low” transmission level.

In these municipalities, presential classes may be resumed, non-essential businesses, public squares, beaches, shopping centers and hotels are opened, in the case of tourist sites. That is to say, everything will return to operate normally, and the National Day of Healthy Distance will conclude.

In those municipalities marked in yellow, transmission is medium, and activities may be restored that same day in a limited way, with a reduced presence of people in public spaces, non-essential activities must operate with caution and there will be no face-to-face classes.

In oranges, the presence of people in public spaces should be even more limited, non-essential businesses will not be able to open yet and confinement will continue to be recommended. And in the reds, the transmission is maximum and the quarantine cannot be lifted yet.

The traffic light will be updated every week, however, said the deputy secretary of Prevention and Health Promotion federal, Hugo López Gatell, the logic is that everyone follow the trend that they already showed on today's map.


the coronavirus quarantine is over june first


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