Fishing Basics, the Trash Line and Fishing High Season 

Yellowfin and the Gaff

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Yellowfin Tuna, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

Historically from mid-April to early June is both a breeding and transition period, aka not the best fishing during this time. Which coincides with the end of Tourism High season after Easter. For those of you planning future fishing trips this would be good to remember. Normally a group of friends of mine get this “pool” going where we all guess when the first real seasonal rain happens. The rain has to be over a specific curb we all choose to qualify. After the last few years now I always put my money on the second week of June. This year the seasonal rains have been sketchy at best. Now you may ask “Why would that be important to fishing”? Simple, when this happens we get the famous Trash line. A Trash line is the result of the rains washing all sorts of things down the mountain sides into the local streams and then into the Bay of Banderas.

Amazing Black Marlin, Corbetena out of Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta
Black Marlin, Corbetena out of Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

This all turns into something similar to a dividing line of organic materials. Behind this line is dirty water the color of coffee. It can look pretty bad, but in reality to the experienced fisherman this is a beautiful thing. The ‘trash’ in the trash line is mostly leaves, twigs, seeds, all sorts of stuff in this ‘fish trail mix’. Naturally smaller fish will take this free and easy meal, which in turn attracts larger fish. Now this dirty water can be a few inches thick to a few feet thick, but normally not more than six feet. Running a plainer and a small lure or Hoochie can pay off in fish dividends. Now in the bay, not far of the beaches, the trash line isn’t going to produce larger quantities of fish and is great for assuring action! Every river in the entire area will produce a trash line, there are several rivers in the area so there can be several trash lines. When the trash line reaches areas off the beaches to many miles out from Punta Mita or as far as Corbetena the species are larger and more abundant. A trash line at Punta Mita is Dorado Heaven, in fact any floating debris will work well. And a trash line is more predictable and easier to find than floating logs. Corbetena can be the same but there you’ll have Skipjack Tuna feeding on this trash line, drawing in larger fish of all kinds including Yellowfin tuna. So the farther out the trash line is, the bigger the possible fish. Last year there wasn’t all that much rain in Puerto Vallarta so the trash lines were a little scarce. With sketchy rainfall we’re still waiting for a predictable trash line, Stay tuned.

Turtles or Tortugas in the Bay of Banderas, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta
Turtles or Tortugas in the Bay of Banderas, Marina Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta


Until next week, don't forget to kiss your fish...


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