Great Week, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Beach Rooster fish

Dorado in the Bay around any Trash Line or Devris

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You know when it comes to summer fishing, many times the weekly reports can be like using a “cookie cutter”.

The species wont’ change much, the fish will be in the same locations and the conditions will change slightly above water. For a guy like me, this never gets old because with so many constants, the one thing that never changes is that “Fish Move”. Bait changes, currents swirl, everything under the water has nothing to do with a “Cookie Cutter” report. As we move deeper into high season for fishing, it’s getting even more exciting. For those looking to visit Puerto Vallarta, our beaches, hotels and tours are all operating with the proper safety precautions. If you’re in the area, make sure you get on the water, it’s life changing!

The whole area right now between Corbeteña and El Banco is alive with the possibilities of Blue Marlin, Sailfish and Striped Marlin. At Corbetena this week we continued to see the Blue Marlin (250 lbs and up) numbers continue to increase. We have seen a few Black Marlin skipping the surfaces chasing baits but none boated as I can see. Yellowfin Tuna are still between 40 lbs and 160 lbs.. And the Spinner Dolphin are always good to see as well as they normally run with football tunas.  Striped Marlin at 200 lbs are still in the area even with the warm water temperatures. Yellowfin Tuna are now a daily thing, many captains posting pictures of larger YF Tuna every day. With massive amounts of bait in the form of Sardines, Bullet or baby Skipjack tunas and baby Bonitos. Flying fish, Green runners, Goggle eyes, there is a virtual smorgasbord out here. With very, very few boats heading out this distance the fish are at the surface which of course is a big help. Blue Water and smooth seas, Corbetena is a great options with somewhat guaranteed results making even the more “cautions” captains managing their fuel dollars, to visit the “Rock”. Definitely worth a ten hour trip. Now El Banco, twenty five miles north of Corbetena has reports of large Blue Marlin in the 450 lb range, Sailfish, but it’s the Yellowfin tuna we’re interested in. El Banco aka The Bank in English is fifty miles out from Marina Vallarta here in Puerto Vallarta. It takes about half an hour longer to reach El Banco from PV as the crow flies. But once you’re out there it’s an hour run between each of these world class fishing grounds. But the fact remains that some of our most productive and tournament winning areas is half way between both this areas. So it’s not a “this location or that location” decision. It’s an entire area decision with the center areas being most ignored. You may say the ignored areas are where your “biggest surprises” could be. Something tells me the high spots at El Banco could be producing some large Yellowfin tuna. Worth a try!

Calendar Sailfish Extended 1 enhanced
Sailfish in their Natural Habitat

The area off the beaches of Punta Mita out to El Banco has been alive with Sailfish and Dorado. There has been a mature trash line(s) off the point where you can find Dorado (15 to 25 lbs) around any debris or logs. Frankly anything of any size floating will draw in Dorado! The water is a high visibility blue, plenty of bait, even the possibility of Rooster fish off the sandy beaches in the area. Well worth an eight hour trip with several other species like Jack Crevalls and Bonito as well.

Dorado Heaven Water Debris 2 enhanced VT pic
Floating Debris or Logs like this will have Dorado under and cricling, this is Dorado Heaven

Inside the bay it’s a “fish wonderland”! We’re seeing smaller Sailfish around La Cruz, Los Arcos and in the middle of the bay. Blue Marlin are seen but none have been boated in the bay. With the recent rains there has been a nice trash line which have Bonito and smaller Yellowfin tuna feeding off it. Dorado are also roaming the trash line as well running 12 to 20 lbs if lucky. Remember anything under 15 lbs is a baby and should be released, especially the females. The secret this week seems to be the Punta Negra Beach off Garza Blanca. Smaller Yellowfin Tuna in the 30 to 45lb range have been close to the beach and structure. Rooster fish have been here as well but are very small, the small babies need to be released as well. Even Sailfish are a little farther out, so this is bait heaven for the moment and it’s in the bay so a four hour trip is producing very well in this area. You can’t go wrong fishing in the bay of Banderas right now!

Tuna Frenzy enhanced
Yellowfin Tuna Frenzy

With water temperatures hovering at 85 degrees and with massive amounts of bait the conditions couldn’t be better! The bite is still late so sleep in, we’re sending people out at about 08:30 right now. We expect the Dorado to increase in size and the Black Marlin should be moving in as well. So save your pesos and give us a call, we’ll get you on some world class fish when you do.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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