Local Species, What’s Going On In Our Fish “Community”

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 I was talking with my friend and business associate Carlos, he mentioned that he loves my “Stuff”... But, insert pause, I”m not really learning anything.

So, coming from a guy who is more about business than fishing, he doesn’t have a clue as to what fish are in the bay. Carlos and his family are “PataSalada” or translated: They’ve been here since before the Love Boat found us! Know’s nothing except the basics of Marlin, Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish. I can imagne there are many people who really aren’t into fishing, but would find this interesting, so here we go folks.

                          Rooter Fish Article pic VT Pic                

 Rooster Fish: Wildly ignored for many years Rooster Fish are commonly targeted species for their fierce fighting, unpredictable actions and raw strength. They’re called Roosters because they have an extending “Quill” like fin, when you see these on the surface they look like a floating demon, I didn’t know what to make of it, then Wham, Fish On! Rooster fish can hit over 90 lbs easily depending on where you are and the luck of the draw. Normal ranges for Roosters are in the 30 lbs and up range. But you can always find baby Rooster fish around the shore line on sandy beaches, around structures or just outside of reefs where legal. Around here they love Sardines or Sardinas in Spanish. Water temperatures don’t seem an issue with this species.           

                             YFtuna skippies 800x554               

 Yellowfin Tuna “Footballs”, now you may say “footballs?” And I’d say yes. Yellowfin Tuna can put on more than a hundred pounds in less than a couple of years. Footballs normally are in the 35 to 60 lb range, averaging in the 40 to 55 lb range mostly. They all start small and hope to make it higher up the food chain as larger Yellowfin Tuna are basically Cannibals. We presently have roaming schools moving from Los Arcos up past Yelapa to Quimixto. Tuna favor many baits, but nothing more than Squids, Red Tuna Crabs, Krill Squids and Krill shrimp (Whale food). But they will hit many baits, baby Dorado and Sierra Mackerels are tasty to them as well. “Footballs” will run with their friends Spinner Dolphin if you’re outside the bay. Many times in the bay as well, not guaranteed, but will be with them more often than not. Not to be confused with SkipJack Tuna which looks exactly like it’s larger cousins, but only reach maybe 10 lbs, average size is 6 lbs and is everybody's favorite bait. You can catch anything with this bait, tasty too. Many times I’ve “eaten the bait”, ask Jeff Coats. For you locals with boats, you are allowed now somehow to fish for your dinner, so head to Yelapa, stop if you see birds!

                         fishing dorado mahi mahi caboVT Enhandce                      

 Dorado, I know i wasn’t going to mention Dorado or Mahi as it’s known in Hawaii. Bay Dorado are a bit different, they’re normally smaller, won't see many over 30 lbs in the bay. Beautiful and wildly targeted species it’s also one of the best tasting fish available anywhere. Depending on the currents and levels of bait, water temperature correct doesn’t hurt as well, the season now starts around the end of August. Recent changes in the law have turned the demise of this great species around. Now we’re seeing them return earlier and earlier each year as export of this species is not almost impossible. Available until normally mid February at Punta Mita, but frankly larger ones are all over the place, stay tuned to my articles. 

We naturally have many may more species in the bay, they come and they go, but they always come back. But for now, this works...   

Until next Time, don't forget to kiss your fish...


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