Wednesday, March 20, 2019
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‘Poems by the Sea’: an International Meeting of Poetry and Art

POEMSPuerto Vallarta, Jal. - Vallarta’s citizens will be the guest of honors in the fifth issue of ‘Poems by the Sea: International Meeting of Poetry and Art’, which this year is counting with the presence of Krystyna Lenkowska (from Poland) Coral Bracho (Mexico), Mara Lee (Sweden) and Patrick Quiller (France).

The inaugural opening will be a gala recital. The public will be able to enjoy four great recitals, starting April 22 at 8:00 pm. in the Aquiles Serdan Auditorium, at the Boardwalk.

Other traditional events are the so-called, ‘One hundred Bachelors’, with the participations of poets at Regional High School of Puerto Vallarta; the meeting of ‘All children Fit into a Poem’, an interactive reading of Vallarta’s children with the poets, in Los Mangos Library, and the professional face to face of Vallarta’s and participant poets from Uruguay, France, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Quebec and Mexico. The poets will recite a whole collection of poems treated as prime necessity products. Workshops, books, music and art exhibits will be the framework to enjoy each word in the authors’ voice and their different languages.

This is an event organized by Hugo Gutiérrez Vega and hosted by the University of Guadalajara, with the support of Puerto Vallarta’s Tourism Bureau and Puerto Vallarta’s private sector.



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