Maritime Development located in Nuevo Vallarta was Announced During Tournament

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Last weekend a tournament was held at the Flamingos golf course in Nuevo Vallarta.

It was organized by Alfonso Alarcón, who has a great career in this sport, who’s brother is Rafael Alarcón, someone very appreciated in Mexico and also the coach of Lorena Ochoa. He is the current golf champion worldwide and originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The event was held with guests and clients from the Peninsula Group with their main purpose of making all aware of the Maritime development located in Flamingos Nuevo Vallarta, which has a land of 4 hectares with approximately 100 apartments in the first phase.

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Also there are 100 apartments in their second phase, with a total of 10 levels, an extension of 140 meters of beach and tennis courts and 2 tennis paddle courts under construction. Plus basement elevators to each department. These luxurious apartments are located 2 kilometers away from the Flamingo golf course, the tournament was held with 45 players, who played 18 holes on this well-known golf course.


From very early on, the starting signal was given at 9 o'clock in the morning with 45 players, who went out to the field to win an award from a list offered by the great development of the Peninsula Group. Once the tournament was over, a meal was offered to the attendees and the ceremony awards were given to all the best players of the day.

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The first place was awarded to a couple formed by Raúl Méndez and Francisco Sotres Cirat with 59 strokes, and the second place for Rafael Valdez and Luis Triplet with 61 strokes.

The winners received recognitions and were awarded giant screen TV´s. During the event, Go-Pro cameras and drones and Bose speakers were raffled.

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