Mercedes-Benz Sponsored the Hole In One Event

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mercedes hole in one 410x200Recently a golf tournament sponsored by Mercedes, was held in Marina Vallarta, with the main goal of promoting the real estate companies that exist in Puerto Vallarta, as mentioned by Alfonso Alarcon, tournament director.


With the objective in addition to encouraging to move the assets that are already present today and that are part of the real estate boom that has originated in this tourist destination, he said.

The event had the participation of entrepreneurs with high purchasing power, who have the ability to invest in the acquisition of real estate, and in turn, Mercedes-Benz participated with a Smart vehicle, with a cost of 1/2 million pesos as a prize for the winner of the hole in one.

The departure signal originated at 9:00 in the morning, with 68 players from Guadalajara, who traveled on the new highway that connects Puerto Vallarta to attend the tournament, as well as some special guests from Puerto Vallarta who witnessed the event.

During the game there was a lot of excitement, since everyone wanted to make the hole in one and take the Mercedes home.
Now it is possible to have the opportunity to participate in a golf tournament, and compete for first place to win a car of the distinguished German automotive line: Mercedes-Benz, with the new agency operating in Puerto Vallarta who recently opened its doors Eurostern.

With the new highway Compostela las Varas, the real estate sector has exploded in an accelerated manner, causing businessmen from Guadalajara to invest in the purchase of real estate, becoming a detonating sector for which Vallarta has grown and the construction companies have invested in a decelerated manner.
The tourist who comes from Guadalajara to vacation in our beautiful port, has contributed significantly to the growth of the real estate sector, with the sale of real estate, since with the new road is easy and safe

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