Changing Conditions, Increase Water Temps, Challenging

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Boy, I’ll tell ya, I think we got hit with just about every type of conditions you can get hit with last week. Hurricane passing was a non-event for Puerto Vallarta, but for a few days there the fishing got “less than favorable”.

If you were lucky enough to be at Corbetena in the days in front of the Storm then you had some great Yellowfin Tuna days at Corbetena and El Banco. After that, things changed a bit as you’d expect. I think the first thing to remember is fishing is an ever changing landscape. You watch, you strategize and you act. What you planned for many times is not what you experience at the fishing grounds. This means you need to be mentally flexible and equipment ready. By that we saw water tempers take a steep jump into the 90 degree range this week. It’s really not a surprise, we know we’re going to see warm water at some point. We just never are “really” ready for it as we live in fishing denial. It’s all part of the process and it’s a yearly thing. But if there is a silver lining when the water gets as warm as it is now we see Black and Blue Marlin move.  Yes we have Black and Blue Marlin, but now we start seeing the “big boys” starting to come in. While a 500 lb Black Marlin sounds big, it’s really just average. We’re moving into Marlin season amigos and we normally see a lot of Black and Blue Marlin in the coming weeks. Remember that perfection is unobtainable, flexibility and equipment are key, the experienced captain will always find arm burning action. Once again, the never ending question, “Feeling Lucky”?

Skip jack tuna with tory and shannon and stan

It’s all “kinds of everything” at Corbetena. What does that mean, well it’s up and it’s down, they they’re in and they’re out, to quote Katy Perry. First off, Calamari or Squid have moved into the area big time. I heard they were in at the Tres Maria Islands last week before the Hurricane passed us buy. Well Calamari are they’re at Corbetena now. But, the Yellowfin Tuna have “sounded”, which means they’re regulating their body temperature by going deep. This means you’ll have to have downriggers and running one is a bad idea. You should have at least two so you’re not running a single bait. Your Electronics, the fish finder will show you where the temperature breaks are, this is the depth to set your downriggers. Yellowfin Tuna have been in, out, then they’re back but smaller. And in between all that there are days that are just on fire. I had a friend boat a 250 lb Yellowfin Tuna, then go back the next day and nothing. Black and Blue Marlin are running between 300 to 500 lbs each, but they’ll be increasing in size and numbers as we go deeper into the summer fishing season. Sailfish are about six miles to the north off the rock, but remember fish move amigos. Dorado are from small to nice sized especially if you find any floating debris or “trash”. For now it’s a toss of the dice when it comes to Corbetena. But there are fish to catch so good luck. I heard a few reports from El Banco, all pretty much the same report. If heading to the Tres Maria Islands it would be worth dropping a few baits at the high spots.

08 23 2020 Dorado Magnifico

Punta Mita and area this week has been its normal self with. With mature trash lines and plenty of debris from the Hurricane and rivers. Sailfish and Mahi from babies to 20 lbs are more than possible. Rooster fish have moved into the area as well so anything is possible. With the warmer water temperatures off the back side of El Morro Sailfish are lingering but a little farther off the rocks you will start to see Marlin so drop baits here if heading to Corbetena or El Banco. Dorado are still massive in numbers and tiny in size. This will change soon enough but it’s a good sign to see even smaller Dorado picking up in numbers so rapidly after the New Mexican laws regarding shipping fish out of the country is achieving the desired results.

At this time of the year I get a lot of people who want to go fishing in the bay and catch Moby Dick. Well Moby took a powder right now and the bay is in summer fishing mode. When we hit winter time, we see many winter species take over the bay and that’s perfect. Tourist for the most part in the winter time looking for a short day with plenty of fun action will find it. But when the season changes and we move into summer, the best fishing is in the longer durations. Inside the by you’ll still have fun, you’ll catch fish for sure. Sailfish seem to always be available in the bay these days as they follow this deep channel from Corbetena like a highway. Same goes for Dorado, Los Arcos is always possible with Dorado. Jack Crevalls, a winter species that ignores seasons sometimes are all over the area in front of the Airport to Nuevo Vallarta. Running 35 lbs these Jack Crevall are stuffing themselves on the massive amounts of bait in the bay. Sailfish have shown up at La Cruz again, larger Skipjack Tuna at 12 lbs are all over the bay and a perfect bait. Baby Bonito all over and 30 to 40 lb Yellowfin Tuna at Yelapa at the south end of the bay. With Rooster fish moving in any sandy beach in the surf line should produce some nice sized “Gallos”!

Dorado at the gaff

With increased water temperatures, massive amounts of bait, storm systems moving through, it’s all pretty much normal for the End of August. We’ll start to see larger Black Marlin with expected averages in the 700 lb range. Same for Blue Marlin and the numbers of Sailfish will go through the roof. Dorado should pick up in both numbers and size fairly soon as well. With some luck we’ll see Yellowfin tuna increasing in size and hopefully the currents will cool water temperatures a bit so we can surface troll for Yellowfin Tuna.

The bite is still happening after 08:30 so there is no real need to head out before 07:00, but the sun is up about then so you can head out at full speed with no worries of running into stumps or some other invisible obstacles. It means you should be going to the fishing grounds quicker giving you more time with your line in the water. With flying fish, Calamari, Skipjacks, Bonito, Sardines and the list goes on. If chasing Yellowfin Tuna the bite is happening early, at or before 07:00 and again at about 6 PM. Good luck and enjoy yourself out there.

Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

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