Incredible World Class Fishing Continues, Yellowfin, Tuna, Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, Take Your Pick!

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I was thinking of calling this article “Musical Fishing Grounds”! Fish are moving and the mentality that fish are only in a few specific locations can easily become engrained in the brain.

But like always reality will bite you in the back side and open your eyes once again. What am I talking about you may ask? Well the Golden Triangle is where the action is this week. The Area between El Banco, Corbetena and El Morro at this time of the year is some of the most fertile fishing grounds in all of Mexico. Big statement, you bet. The area between Corbetena and El Banco is the place to be right now. If you’ve been fishing with a fishing company that doesn’t move around, this would explain your “bad” luck. Now if you’re on a real fishing charter boat that uses fuel and doesn’t scrimp on fuel usage (huge cost at four dollars a gallon) you’ll return with world class fish. Which means the cheap boats, the “fuel” misers are not going to be telling you of these simple facts and won’t be heading to this location. But if you get in the area, then it’s “Fish City” and it’s time to ROCK!


First, you may have heard that the fishing got bad, that water temperatures went into the stratosphere and the fish just stopped biting. Depending on who you’re talking to this could be true, for them. But for the company who uses fuel, charges a bit more to account for that fuel, then there are plenty of world class species just waiting for you to arrive. It’s not about Corbetena or El Banco this week, it’s about what’s in-between. First head to Punta Mita and take a heading of 285 /290. In this area there are deep channels and ridges. There you’ll find Blue Marlin to 550 lbs, 145 lb. Sailfish, Dorado to 30 lbs, Striped Marlin (babies) and Yellowfin Tuna between 40 and 200 lbs! Now there is bait but it’s not super plentiful. With perfect water temperatures and high visibility blue water and a list of “fishing fantasy species” you should just go straight to this location. Don’t buy the story that promoters are pushing, go straight to this location on a fast boat. If you can’t find one, call me! Another piece of information you need is live bait is not king right now. It appears that dead bait, of Google Eyes or dead Skip jack Tuna. But lures of Green with black stripes or blue lures with silver glitter seems to be the combination that in fact is working best. They’ll chase the dead and live baits, but will switch to lure of these colors. So you better be running lures and dead bait and maybe one live Skippie. So get out there and get ready for some world class, arm burning action you’ll never forget! I can’t say enough to motivate you to get on the water right now and in the game!


                                                                                              10 28 2020 Blake Jones Magnifico VT 600 pxls 

The Punta Mita area is also alive and well with larger Sailfish and 25 lb Dorado. Rooster fish may still be in the area around Sayulita but not getting many reports. Sailfish are off the backside of El Morro and there are Striped Marlin (many are babies) in the whole area. If you’re making a decision between eight and ten hour fishing trips, the ten hour is your best bang for your fishing buck. 


Inside the bay is just amazing with plenty of affordable action. If looking not to break your vacation budget then a four or six hour fishing trip in the bay can’t be beat! With smaller Striped Marlin running from Los Arcos to the Marietta Islands you have a shot at a Marlin in the bay. Dorado are running strong with much of the center of the bay just boiling with Dorado to 25 lbs or larger. Sailfish for the lucky are running at Los Arcos to Yelapa and then again in front of La Cruz Marina. Jack Crevalls are a little early in the bay but they’re hanging around the river mouths of Nuevo Vallarta. Sierra Mackerels are in front of the Marina Vallarta entrance and great for younger anglers, not to mention great tasting. Bonito to 20 lbs, Skip Jack Tuna to 12 lbs and that doesn’t even include the “Endless Action” bottom fishing. For now I’d suggest a minimum of six hours, but four hours will produce nice action also. 


                                                                                               10 20 2015 Sailfish Punta Mita 

For now the bite is early so be where you want to be fishing before 08:00. The baits are lures and dead baits for the moment, but run live bait as well. I think lures are working later in the day. Water temperatures are at a perfect 84 degrees and blue, blue, blue! PV is wide open now, there has been some talk of more lockdowns but only in Guadalajara, not Puerto Vallarta! Everyone and business is going way beyond the necessary to insure your health and family safety. Also Master Baiter’s is now Tour Centro. So now we’re focusing on unusual and different Vacation Budget Saver Tours with my expert Benjamin. We also do the mainline tour companies as well and will save you some of that vacation budget so give us a call and we’ll go from there. 


Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

                                                                                                  10 28 2020 Blake Jones Magnifico VT 1 600 pxls