Massive Bait, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Fishing Dramatically Improves!                                

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It’s been a weird “off season” for fishing, but it looks like things are returning to what we would think of as “normal conditions” for winter fishing.

We’ve seen massive amounts of bait move into the area. In reality that is an understatement, Squids, Flying fish, Sardines and the long list continues. On top of that we’re seeing the first few Sailfish in the area, and even a Dorado or two! We’ve also seen larger Rooster fish in the bay as well. Water temperatures are a tick up as well as the Whales are finally moving out. It looks like we may be seeing the summer fishing transition begin soon. But for now, the fishing has improved and will just be better as the weeks and months continue. 


For those who aren’t familiar with Corbetena, aka “The Rock”, this area always has Yellowfin Tuna, the questions is “How Big”? Captain Scooby pictured hit Corbetena and boated several 70 lb Yellowfin Tunas. Kinda surprising actually, but we have Squid in the water and that is a huge draw for Tuna. Bait chasing Dolphin of the larger type have moved into the area as well. Many fish species will run with larger Dolphin which is luck for us. Striped Marlin are enjoying this new “fast food” and are all around the area. Cubera Snappers at 50 lbs plus are still for the “jiggers”. Jack Crevalles, Bonito and massive amounts of Skip Jack Tuna to 8 lbs which is huge. While this is encouraging, it’s still a rough day at the rock and unless you’re targeting Tuna or Stripers it may not be your best bang for your fishing buck for now. 


                                    04 01 2021 Rooster Fish VT 600 pxls


The area from Punta Mita to El Morro has sprung to live with Striped Marlin still cruising the area, one Wahoo of 40 lbs was boated. Jack Crevalles to 50 lbs, Smaller Snappers at 3 lbs are perfect for dinner and who knows what else. I think there could be some Rooster Fish in the area of El Morro as they love the upwelling’s there. If heading to Corbetena you’d want to drop baits and troll from there. Reports of nice sized Rooster fish at Sayulita as well. We still have Snappers, Grouper and Pargo at the river mouths with the possibility of a nice sized Snook!  


Inside the bay has absolutely exploded. We’ve had a strange year and the Jack Crevalles have finally shown up in strong numbers running anywhere from 30 to over 50 lbs. Sailfish have been spotted at Los Arcos. Stripers have been seen here as well. Rooster fish have suddenly shown up in the bay with some in the 60 lb range at Punta Negra averaging over 40 lbs! Jack Crevalles are everywhere and in very large schools. Sierra Mackerels are still running the entire area and are from 8 to 12 lbs and good tasting. Frankly the bay is on fire for anyone interested in arm burning action for a shorter day.


                                                                     04 02 2021 Jack Crevalle VT 600 pxls


Ok, so here is the real story for the week, it’s all about the bait. Every single bait we’ve ever had in the bay is here now! Squids from krill, to 12 inch to even 50 inches are stuffed in the bay. Sardines, Ballyhoos, Goggle Eyes, Crabs, Green runners, you name it, it’s out there now. As a result we’re seeing larger species following the bait and the larger Dolphins into the bay. The Whales are thinning out finally, the season is coming to an end and with the change in bait species is the first indicator of seasonal changes and currents. For now the water temperatures have ticked up a bit to 75 degrees so these super cold water species for us will not be available for much longer. The bite has gone late mid-morning. If heading out 08:00 would be a good time to leave the dock, hit the early morning Mackerels, then head out after larger gamefish but be sure to be where you want to be at 10:30 …. Lure’s, the secret is green and blue, run with your baits, magic will happen.


If you’re looking for Tours, Airport Transfers, private tours or any kind of vacation support give us a call. My Tour expert Benjamin would be happy to show you something a little different in a fun and affordable way.  


Until next week, don’t forget to Kiss Your Fish!


                                                           04 02 2021 General Pic VT 600 pxls


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