Puerto Vallarta’s Fishing Season Explodes with Marlin and Yellowfin Tuna 

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One thing about fishing that never changes is “everything changes”! Sometimes in a day, sometimes in several days, but things will change.

That’s why it’s so important to keep up with the reports and strike while the “bite” is hot! We had just this situation this week with me, I headed out after seeing the fishing is great for a few days then got caught in the vortex. You’d think that wouldn’t happen to me, but it happens to the best of us. But again things changed and now we’re seeing some of the best fishing of the year and it would be a shame for you to miss out on it.  Whales are starting to move in, but they’re not dominating the bay and scaring the fish quite yet!


Corbetena was difficult last week but as the theme goes, things changed. Blue Marlin are running around the rock at 350 to over 600 lbs and with any luck could be even larger. Black Marlin are normally here by now and should be coming in shortly. Sailfish are running the entire area and are good sized. Yellowfin Tuna are taking baits again and are in between 60 to 180 lbs and again there are probably much larger out there so be at the ready. Dorado at 25 lbs to 35 lbs are a real gift from the heavens. One interesting thing is Cubera Snappers, aka Dog Tooth Pargo are running 60 to 100 lbs for those not afraid to do some jigging! The bite has regressed a bit to mid-morning so leaving before sunup doesn’t help your cause amigo. For now Corbetena is your best “bang for your buck” and we’re happy to put you on a boat when you’re ready. A brief mention of El Banco and that’s about all since not much is happening except massive amounts of bait. But again, things can change before you read this! As always feel free to contact us and ask about the conditions.

                                                   10 30 2020 Dorado Capt Scooby orig full size 800 pxls VT 


The Punta Mita point and surrounding area is once again showing a nice strong pulse with good sized Dorado at 20 to 25 lbs. We’re also seeing Sailfish and Blue Marlin 2 to 7 miles directly off the point and they’re hungry! Rooster fish possible off the sandy beaches, Feeling lucky?


Inside the bay there are more Whales daily and the bay is just full of Krill Squids and super fine tiny fish that make a guppy look big! So the fishing in the bay is not automatic, but for the most part there are plenty of Dorado at 20 lbs or larger running from Yelapa to Los Muertos pier, but mostly concentrated near the Los Arcos “islands”. Also running in the bay are large amounts of biat sized Bonito which are great eating if you don’t use them for bait. Yes, I eat the bait sometimes.. Ha ha. Sierra Mackerels at the buoys entering Marina Vallarta in the morning hours. With all the bait or “Whale food” in the bay it attracts Sailfish and some smaller Marlin. Last week there were 75 lb Striped Marlin babies being thrown back in pockets around Yelapa. Jack Crevalle are picking up in number and size and is a great “action” fish for the family. The short day trips of four and six hours are a great value and they come with options! If you’re on the boat anyway, why not tack on a couple of extra hours and go snorkeling and maybe squeeze in some whale watching all at the same outing! You’d be saving money and getting in extra tour type activities for one price. Be sure to ask about our other “options” or ideas on how to make your day on the water as productively fun as possible! 

The bite is still in the morning hours but best after 9 so plan accordingly. Dead bait is working best after the sunup hours of the morning. Lures that mimic Dorado are also working well as are pink. And the water temperatures are holding at a perfect 85 degrees! So if you’re a local and  always wanted a great day on the water, then call us, we’re sharing pangas again and we’ll save you some  money. 

                                                                                      11 02 2020 Brandy Gunther Sophia 10 hrs No 1 600 pxls VT


Benjamin, our tour expert tells me there are three tours for the price of two with some tour companies but all tours are not on all days. Benjamin can make sure you don’t get stuck and will  work with our group. We are also providing airport transfers and Touring excursions for day trips and private parties. Again call the shop and ask Benjamin about our “Vacation Budget Saver” tour packages. Also we’re putting out newsletters and video fishing reports on our web page, youtube and of course in our newsletters. Just fire me an email and I’ll get you connected!


Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish!

                                                                            Marlin with Lure 600 pxls VT



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