Puerto Vallarta, The Forgotten, World Class Fishing Grounds 

Swordfish For Dinner?

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The other day, after weeks and weeks of closed fishing, I was talking with a friend at Fajita Banana over a few beers waiting for dinner and we started an interesting conversation.

My friend had been fishing in Cabo for years and was asking what was the difference in our fishing grounds in PV compared to Cabo San Lucas. For those who think “fishing is fishing”, well you’re right, the similarities in the process is obvious, but the fishing grounds themselves make the difference. When it comes to the different species and their preferences, many consider the marketing and not necessarily the realities of World Class Fishing Grounds and all that means. Many ways it’s like comparing Aspen to Alps, both wonderful, both ski areas, but very different indeed. If you’re a “Cabo Guy” then maybe we can get you to turn your head and check out our “Karnada or Bait”, take a look in PV’s direction.

Cabo is very well known for its fishing grounds, even better known for their celebrities, which the Board of Tourism there is smart to take advantage of. Cabo has all the same species we have in PV and one or two more, Yellowtail comes to mind. Their fishing grounds are very close, which means you’re on fish many times as you leave the harbor, 15 minutes or so. Lots of good things you can say about Cabo. Frankly I should have a shop there.&n

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Puerto Vallarta is located on top of the Bay of Banderas, for those who don’t already know. Marina Vallarta is 25 miles or so from what I call “Deep Water Fishing”. Inside the bay there are areas fifteen miles out where the water is only 15 feet deep, bait heaven. By Los Arcos there is a deep channel that goes straight to Corbetena, a bike path of sorts. With this Channel, being fairly deep, it’s easy to rome the neighborhood. The shallow areas are full of all sorts of baits depending on the time of the year. Google Eyes, SkipJack Tuna, Bullet Bonitas (babies), Sardines, Flying fish, Shrimp, Krill aka Whale Food just to name a few. With all this bait it draws attention in the form of hungry fish looking for “fast food”. The bay is a huge fish magnet. 

Because the bay is such an attraction, larger fish come following the food chain. Corbetena at 35 miles out and El Banco at 50 miles are where you’ll find your “bucket list fantasy fish”! Puerto Vallarta has more fish and a greater variety of pelagic species than Cabo. We get more Black Marlin over 600 pounds than Cabo’s lower temperature waters. For that reason Cabo is heavy on Striped Marlin, which prefers the cooler water. Black and Blue Marlin normally run in the same size ranges. Yellowfin Tuna these days are coming back in numbers, but in smaller schools that don’t attract commercial attention. Dorado, Sailfish, Rooster Fish, Snook, Snappers, much the same as Cabo. With the Tres Maria Islands now open, the prison is gone and the new restrictions on distance off the islands has been reduced. World record sized Yellowfin Tuna now are within a 100 miles of Marina Vallarta. We have affordable luxury packages that would surprise you May to January. Message me for more info. 

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So all things being equal, on top of that we have Puerto Vallarta out your front door. If you need to discuss celebrities, we have them too. You can find whatever level of restaurants, shops, medicine, real estate, anything and everything with a population that mostly speaks at least tourist level English. So for a fair comparison, you should see Cabo before you come to Puerto Vallarta. Otherwise if reversed you could be disappointed. Fair warning…

Master Baiter’s is open for business, finally! We don’t expect to see many people in Puerto Vallarta’s Fishing grounds for a while, which makes this something rare. If anyone is interested in sharing a boat, we’ll fix you up. I will taking full advantage of this myself. Completely deserted fishing grounds, priceless.