They Managed to Catch a Large Marlin Fish

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Crew members of boat SURI in Marina Vallarta caught this morning a marlin of an uncommon size.

Early this morning crew members of the Marina Vallarta SURI boat left very early in the morning. The boat had tourists and residents on board to go fishing in Banderas Bay. It was a day of fun but it turned out to be an excellent day of fishing, as they managed to catch a large Marlin, which took them 2 hours of struggle to get it out of the water, because besides being a big fish it was very heavy, so it was not easy to catch it. In view of the astonishment of its weight and size, they decided to exhibit it on the boardwalk, where it attracted a lot of attention from tourists and people passing by, since it is not normal to see this type of fish as big and heavy as this one, and without being in a tournament.

In the images you can see the happiness shown by those who caught it. Marlin is a marine species that is related to swordfish and sailfish, its maritime fishing is practiced mostly for sport and this is due to the fact that it is positioned as one of the swimming fish that are present in warm seas and due to the high temperatures that are present in Puerto Vallarta during this month, july. being one of the hottest months of the year. It is worth mentioning that due to its size and species it could be a female; a black marlin fish found in the Pacific Ocean. Sport and recreational fishing of this species is contemplated in the general law of sustainable fishing and aquaculture

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