Things Slow A Bit, Water Temp’s Up, Black Marlin, Rooster Fish Move in

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So far we’ve had a great fishing season and it’s only going to get better. With some challenges naturally, we’re moving into the High Season for fishing in Puerto Vallarta. With Yellowfin Tuna in and out, there is no guarantee you’ll run into Yellowfin Tuna at Corbetena or El Banco

. Having said that there have been some impressive reports of occasional larger YF Tuna boated. Black Marlin are a little larger by the day, Dorado are disappointing in size, but the numbers are going through the roof. With very few boats heading out to our world class fishing grounds you couldn’t ask for better conditions amigos!


Corbetena had a bit of a “lull” this past week for a few days and the locals are blaming the increasing water temperatures. To be frank this pretty much happens every year and we’re able to handle this. For about three days this past week it was just dead. Nothing much happening then all of a sudden Black Marlin over 500 lbs moved in. Blue Marlin are also in the area from 250 to 450 lbs. Smaller Yellowfin Tuna in the 60 lb range took over the rock, but the jiggers and guys using downriggers have seen the occasional 200 lb plus YF Tuna. So the water is warming so you need to remember this heading out. Dorado are massively available but not “keepers”. Also about half way between the rock and El Morro Sailfish have been picking up in numbers and size. El Banco this week has reports of Spinner Dolphin. We all know that the Spinners run with Football Yellowfin tuna and right now it seems to be the case. Black Marlin at 350 lbs, Sailfish and abundant baby Dorado once again. Baby Dorado are a favorite bait of just about anything out there. So we don’t keep the babies, but the fish will eat them readily. For this reason it’s always a good idea to run at least one Dorado mimic lure. Plenty of Skip Jack Tuna in the area as well. Might be worth a shot.


                                                                                         08 017 2020 Capt Oscar Rooster fish Orig 01 VT Pic 

The area around Punta Mita this week is still much the same, If you find any floating debris or a mature trash line you’re liable to find larger Dorado over 20 lbs. But for the most part just live everywhere else in the area will most likely be under that size range. Sailfish are naturally in the area north of the point. Blue Marlin are roaming the area at the 12 mile mark as well. Eight hours is worth the time, but a ten hour trip is the best bang for your dollar right now. 


Inside the bay is out normal summer fishing. Remember the fishing in the bay is at its best in the winter season. Still Sailfish are being seen and boated in the Los Arcos area and at the La Cruz Marina area as well. Rooster fish appear to be moving in off the Punta Negra area in the 20 plus pound range. With all the Sardines in the area this doesn’t surprise me and we’re glad to see the Rooster’s come back. Dorado are thick around Los Arcos as well, but they’re small so don’t keep the babies. There are surprisingly enough Torros or Jack Crevalls at 20 lbs off Nuevo Vallarta and in front of river mouths. Snook should be around the river mouths in the “sweet water” or Agua Dulce where the fresh water and saltwater mix. They love that conditions, so keep it to yourself. Skip Jack Tuna all over the place and while they’re small at 6 lbs or so, they’re great tasting. Skip jacks are thought of more as bait, but there are many times I would up eating the bait amigos… and liked it! 


                                              08 21 2020 VT FRpt Curtis Martineau Dorado 

With rising water temperatures and there are challenges to be sure. We’ve seen the bit change a bit, the early bite is between 08:00 to 12:00, then the late bite is after 6 PM. Blue water is the norm and bait is in massive supply. For now everything is as expected and right on time. Moving into early September we’ll see the Black Marlin increasing, Yellowfin tuna gaining in numbers and size and Dorado will turn into “keepers” soon enough. 


Until next week, don’t forget to kiss your fish! 

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