Children's Day For The Puerto Vallarta Workshops.

General Activities
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The workshops of the Municipality are getting ready to exhibit their works on Children's Day.

The artistic workshops of the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta are preparing to present their creative and technical works for the next Children's Day. A special celebration where we will be able to appreciate the talent of the workshops of Chess, Guitar, Gymnastics, Hawaiian, Indigenous Massage, Cinema, Computers, Graphic Design, Cut and Sew, Painting and Drawing, Plastic and Terracotta, Folkloric Dance, among others.

The festival will be held at the Cuale River Cultural Center on Friday 28th starting at 4 pm and will also include the presence of clowns to the delight of all children. The idea is that each child can live unforgettable moments with the support and collective work of all the workshops of the Municipality, thus, as a team, developing a great festival open to all the attending public, especially the children who are part of all the workshops offered by the municipality.
In Puerto Vallarta there are 4 Cultural Centers:

  • El Pitillal Cultural Center.
  • The Mojoneras Cultural Center.
  • The Cuale River Cultural Center.
  • La Lija Cultural Center.

More than 500 children workshop participants will celebrate on April 28 the most constructive stage of life, "Childhood", which in Mexico also represents the stage in which the human being approaches with great sensitivity to artistic expression, leaving marked the development for life, as Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to continue being an artist once you grow up.