Special Transportation Service Announced For The Chivas -america Clásico

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Fans will have special service for transportation to the Akron stadium

Transportation will provide a special service to facilitate the arrival and departure of fans on the occasion of the Chivas-América national derby to be held next Saturday, March 18 at the El Bajío stadium.

For this purpose, from 6:00 p.m. until the end of the game, there will be a feeder route that will connect the stadium with stations of Mi Macro Periférico -Estadio Chivas, Ciudad Judicial and Ciudad Granja-, and another route that will run from Glorieta Minerva to the stadium, along Avenida Vallarta, then along Avenida del Bajío and continuing along Circuito JVC.

For the service that will be offered between Akron Stadium and the Mi Macro Periferico stations, there will be 6 units with 10-minute intervals and in the case of the route that will depart from Glorieta Minerva there will be two units with intervals of approximately 38 minutes, although travel times may vary according to traffic conditions.

For the closure, counter-demand units will be placed and frequencies will be extended on the Mi Macro Periférico trunk line, which will also offer the service until 11:45 p.m.

In this special service, users will also benefit from discounts on transfers, since with the Mi Movilidad card they will only pay 50% of the fare when boarding a feeder bus; on the return trip they will pay a full fare when boarding the feeder bus at the Stadium and when boarding Mi Macro Periférico they will only pay half the fare.

As part of the special service, temporary signage will also be installed to guide users to locate the official stops of the routes, as well as the authorized places for yellow cabs and, separately, the platform service.

Before, during and after the game, the area of Public Transportation Supervision will monitor that the service is offered in the best way, both in the colectivo and in cabs and platforms, and that the latter pick up and drop off users only in the permitted places.

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