International Bacanora Festival

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12th edition

In Mexico, the last quarter of the year is characterized by the number of cultural and educational events dedicated to spreading the tradition of distilled agave beverages. In several states of the Republic, associations of producers, distributors and marketers organize forums, meetings, workshops and festivals.

Next week, between November 16 and 20, the twelfth edition of the International Bacanora Festival will be held, celebrating the first 22 years of the Bacanora Designation of Origin, which includes 35 municipalities in the state of Sonora. The civil association Mujeres del Bacanora is one of the promoters and important sponsors of this festival that celebrates the emblematic agave distilled beverage of Sonora, calling its participating brands.

The International Bacanora Festival receives visitors from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border, and begins on Wednesday, November 16 with musical and cultural activities for fans of regional Mexican music with rondallas, ensembles and orchestras that gather in the city of Bacanora for this annual celebration. On Thursday, November 17, Bacanora's sister city and municipality, Uruapan (Michoacán) will present its folkloric ballet at the festival to liven up the start of cultural activities.

On Friday 18, at 10 a.m., the chronicler of the city of Bacanora, Dr. Jesús Aparicio Guerrero Ruiz will present the book "Bacanora, el espíritu de la sierra" and at the end the 12th edition of the International Bacanora Festival will be formally inaugurated with the presence of state and municipal authorities. Later, the Sonora Youth Symphony Orchestra, Ojusson, will perform and a pictorial art exhibition will be inaugurated, with works by the Plastic Arts Workshop of the ISSTESON House.

That same Friday, festival attendees will tour the Bacanora Museum, the Bacanora producers' room will be inaugurated, and they will ride a train on wheels through the historic center of the city and visit a Bacanora factory or winery. There will be an exhibition on the harvesting and harvesting of ripe agaves for the production of Bacanora while the afternoon will be entertained by the Ballet Folklorico Masehua, from the State University of Sonora and other musical groups, to close the evening with a popular dance.

The activities of the festival will begin on Saturday 19th with the conference "Cultivation and production of maguey plants for the production of Bacanora" by Dr. Ana Dolores Armenta Calderon, from the State University of Sonora, and in the afternoon, the Ballet Folklorico Sonora Tradicional, from the Technological Institute of Hermosillo, and the singing concert of the UNISON will be presented. At nightfall there will be the presentation of the Bacanora ambassadors and the election of this year's queen for 2022. Finally, Sunday the 20th will be dedicated to Sonora's families with the presentation of the children's play "Los tres cochinitos y el lobo feroz" (The three little pigs and the big bad wolf) and the "carreras parejeras" (pair races).

Throughout the International Bacanora Festival you can taste drinks made with Bacanora, buy bottles and learn about the production process and talk with the producers of this emblematic Sonoran beverage, in a friendly gathering with the people of this beautiful town. Each new edition of the festival involves more people who promote the culture of Bacanora and revalue the traditions of this region of Mexico, in order to entertain visitors and tourists who attend the festival.