Checo Pérez As Ambassador Of Jalisco

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confirmed Formula 1 (F1) driver Checo Pérez as ambassador of Jalisco for 2023.

In order to position Jalisco internationally as a destination for tourism and filming, economic development, innovation and talent, as well as to instill in children the culture of effort and work as a positive example for young people, the Government of Jalisco, through the General Strategic Coordination for Economic Growth and Development (CGECyDE) and the Ministry of Tourism (SECTURJAL), in conjunction with the Guadalajara Visitors and Convention Bureau (OFVC), the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area Tourism Trust and the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, reaffirmed its commitment to the promotion of tourism in Jalisco; together with the Guadalajara Convention and Visitors Bureau (OFVC), the Guadalajara Metropolitan Zone Tourism Trust and the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, confirmed Formula 1 (F1) driver Checo Pérez as ambassador of Jalisco for 2023.

The confirmation of Checo Perez as ambassador of Jalisco in the world is part of the celebrations for the 200 years of free and sovereign Jalisco, in which we exalt the work of Jalisco citizens who put the name of our state on high in Mexico and the world.

This agreement will also allow us to position state brands such as "Jalisco is Mexico", "Guadalajara, Guadalajara", "Puerto Vallarta" and "Costalegre", which are part of the official helmet design for this F1 season.

For the Secretary of Tourism of Jalisco, Vanessa Perez Lamas: "Checo Perez has positioned himself as one of the most popular athletes at an international level, he had a great season and there are great expectations for this year. The projection he generated as an ambassador of Jalisco for our tourist destinations with the 2022 alliance had an important return on investment. He managed to turn the eyes of the world to Jalisco, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Costalegre, with the names of the destinations on the helmet, with the publications and interviews, among other actions, so for the Ministry of Tourism to renew the alliance we have with the pilot as ambassador is a strategic action within the promotion plan".


According to the results report made by OFVC, during 2022, Checo Perez exposed Jalisco to an average audience of 87.4 million people for each F1 Grand Prix, that is, around 2,000 million people worldwide, with which Jalisco as well as Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara and Costalegre were promoted through the chin of the helmet used in each of the races of the world circuit.

With his victory in the Singapore Grand Prix (GP) alone, the driver's social networks obtained one billion visits. Likewise, in addition to the exposure of Jalisco's destinations on social networks, through interviews with the driver, an audience of more than 85 million people internationally was impacted.

"It is a great pleasure that this 2023 we have renewed our alliance with the great driver and pride of Jalisco, Checo Perez. Checo's sporting results during 2022 are a well-deserved reflection of his talent, resilience, professionalism and tenacity, values that distinguish the people of Jalisco and that we saw in action during 2022, having achieved records such as the total and absolute record of job creation in Mexico. We will continue working with Checo Pérez to take Jalisco around the world," explained Xavier Orendáin De Obeso, Jalisco's General Strategic Coordinator for Growth and Economic Development.

There was also a license for the use of image as a generator of interest in the different postulations for attracting events to the city. The report also mentions that during the transmissions in Spanish, the driver was referred to as "El tapatío Checo Pérez".


On his part, Luis Villaseñor, Director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, indicated that: "For the second time Checo Perez and Jalisco have joined forces to support the positioning of the destination and continue to promote the Puerto Vallarta brand at an international level. During the past year this cooperation led the Port to have greater visibility in strategic markets such as the United States, Canada, England and Azerbaijan, so for this 2023 we expect to continue with the excellent results".

And thanks to the reach of the social networks of the Jalisco corridor, millions of its followers will be able to see Puerto Vallarta as a great option to travel and live memorable experiences, Villaseñor expressed.

On his part, Carlos Wolstein, president of the OFVC Guadalajara, commented that "today a Mexican, a world-renowned driver from Jalisco, competes in Formula 1. Today this is a celebrated reality. Sergio Perez, our "Checo", always appears in the first places of motorsport, bringing great joy and pride to our country. For this reason, and because he is a great representative of our values, we are very happy to renew the collaboration with one of our best ambassadors. This will also serve to connect with a wider audience and promote various activities and events.

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