Delicious Indian Food at the Magic Market and Festival

Casual Dining
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Do you like Indian food? So do we! Come find some fantastic authentic Indian food at The Magic Market on Fridays!


Pankajpaco Ingadia, or Paco, moved to sunny Puerto Vallarta from Gujarat, India 15 years ago, and 8 years later he took to his Indian roots to begin cooking authentic Indian food here! He has a lovely cooking style that incorporates ways of cooking from all over India, but with the focus being Northern India.

Paco learned to cook in large amounts from some of his professional chef friends in Canada, and is still in contact with them and frequently shares recipes and tips with them as well. Also, all of his wonderful food is made in a commercial-grade kitchen and follows all cleanliness protocol. 

Paco makes some delicious meals, such as his ever-popular butter chicken, or chicken tikka masala, served with rice, and any additional sauces that you would like. It has a beautiful color and delicious, creamy flavor, and very tender chicken meat as well! Even as someone who doesn’t have a personal taste for Indian food, I thought it was absolutely amazing! He also serves lovely samosas and soft homemade pita bread in a Greek and Israel blended style. However, he plans on soon opening up his menu to include Morrocan dishes such as; chicken and fish tahini, Morrocan meatballs, and couscous.

Paco may not have a restaurant, but you can find him at 4 different markets! Including the Magic Market on Fridays! He also does home deliveries, right to your front door! See you at the festival next Friday!