Chocolate & Cocktails Festival at Café des Artistes

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postrefrontEnjoy the delicious Chocolate & Cocktails Festival that will be held at the Café des Artistes restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, from April 18 – 30.

During these days, you can order a special menu of desserts made with chocolate from the prestigious Belgian brand Callebaut, as well as a selection of exotic cocktails with special flavors and combinations that perfectly pair with the desserts.

Carlos Rábago is the Chef Gourmet and Promoter of Barry – Callebaut and a graduate of the International Culinary School. The desserts he presents during the Chocolate & Cocktails Festival are clean and subtle creations, with intense contrasting flavors of delicate textures that delight the most demanding palates.

Dan Rodriguez is in charge of creating the unique cocktails behind the bar. With extensive experience as a bartender, he elaborates exotic drinks and creations based on Mexican distillates.

The Chocolate & Cocktails Festival can be enjoyed from April 18 – 30, starting at 6:00 pm in the P’yote Lounge at Café des Artistes or at the table during your dinner. All desserts cost $145 pesos each and the “Flowerpot” costs $ 250 pesos. You can see the dessert menu below.

For more information and reservations, contact Café des Artistes at (322) 222 3228, follow them on their Facebook FanPage or visit cafedesartistes.com 

Chocolate & Cocktails Festival Menu

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Source: Vallartalifestyles