Mérida Grill with Yucatan Flavor

Fine Dining
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The first place to provide the real flavor of this southern culture


Mérida Grill is a restaurant of Mexican haute cuisine, with a completely original gourmet touch, where the passion and creativity of chef Milton Castillon is reflected, who in cooking enhances the flavors of southern Mexico, with the purpose of the tourist can experience great culinary secrets in an elegant and romantic atmosphere, this is Merida Grill a new gastronomic option for Puerto Vallarta.


merida 1The style of the restaurant is completely innovative, since there is no other in the region, it is the first place to offer and offer the real flavor of this southern culture, its architecture and design is completely unique in its kind and is connected with nature, When you enter the place transports you with its colors, its murals and decoration is a unique and unforgettable experience.

The menu has a wide variety of dishes that you can order to your liking and as a specialty of the house we recommend the cochinita pibil, by tasting it you will experience a unique and exquisite flavor that you will love. The menu offers dishes with a very different flavor since they are cooked in a stone oven and with products of the highest quality, as well as a careful selection of table wines.

We invite you to know and enjoy this new option of Mexican cuisine.






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