Delightful Savory Sushi Cakes at the Magic Market and Festival

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Do you like sushi? Do you like cake? Maybe you should try some delightful Sushi Cakes!


Sushi Cakes PV is a wonderful little company here in Vallarta. Sushi Cakes was started by Suyem Apodaca in May of this year. She was born in Chihuahua, which is known for its livestock and silver production. About 2 years ago Suyem and her daughter moved to wonderful, warm Puerto Valarta, with its welcoming people and glorious beaches.


“I am trying to offer a new way to eat sushi!” said Suyem Apodaca when I was talking to her at the Magic Market last Friday. Her daughter is in training to become a professional chef, and they had the idea to create sushi cakes together! Suyem doesn’t have any professional training herself, but from looking at her cakes you would think she does! The cakes are completely savory, with the ingredients of a sushi roll rearranged in a gorgeous, colorful, mouth-watering cake-like display!



The beautiful cakes can be ordered in three different sizes, small/individual, medium, or large! They come with a variety of toppings on them, including the seafood of your choice [from a list of options, including tuna and salmon] carrots, cream cheese, rice, and avocado, to name a few. These lovely cakes would be perfect for parties or treating yourself to something nice! Sushi Cakes will do home deliveries, but can also be found at the Magic Market and Festival, inside the new Vallarta cruise ship terminal every Friday!

See you there next week!