Fantastic Sugar-Free Artesanal Juices

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Would you like a sugar-free way of adding a bit of sweetness to life, with fresh-grown ingredients? Try some 20-20 juices!


Arturo Garza is a single father who moved to sandy Puerto Vallarta 18 whole years ago! He came here from Monterey, which is known for its beautiful historic scenery. He is prediabetic and therefore had to cut out his sugar intake levels, and a great way he found to do that was by making delicious sugar-free, natural, juices! Arturo learned his recipe from his childhood friend’s family- his friend’s father would get them together to collect fruits and then they would make juice together!


His juice is made by a special process, in which fruits are hand-picked specially for the juices, then dried out for the glucose to crystalize- giving it a longer shelf life and no need for added sugars. The dried fruit is then mixed in a 72% fruit, 28% alkaline water mixture and left to sit in cedar wood barrels, and then they get bottled up to be sold for your consumption, with a 3-month shelf-life. They can be enjoyed by anyone, with any meal! Kids and adults alike, diabetics, or people on a detox plan would all love these tasty treats!



Arturo brings his fresh cranberries and grapes from Michoacan mountain peaks, the whole rest of the process takes place here in Puerto Vallarta, where the true magic of creating these juices happens. His juices taste fresh, crisp, and surprisingly sweet, for having no added sugars. I would recommend anybody looking for a naturally sweet treat to try these out! You can get some of these fresh and delicious juices on Fridays at the magic Market!