Salsas Pajarilla At The Magic Market

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The Magic Market and Festival is a farmers market with varied foods, crafts, jewelry, clothing, and entertainment.

The food can vary from yogurt, bread, ribs, indian food, icecream, churros, salsa, and coffee. There is even a whole candy stand. But, talking about salsas, have you seen Salsas Pajarilla? The stand is at the entrance of The Magic Market and Festival, ran by Kristian and his wife Agne. 


Kristian comes from a region north of Oaxaca called La Cañada, and Agne from Lithuania. His family was a musician family whilst also into food. His mom started the salsa business, and his father and grandfather owned a restaurant in Mexico City, but all still had time for music. They had never lived in PV before Kristian, but he moved here because he wanted to teach music, which he accomplished at Pasitos De Luz.


In Mexico City where his mom was selling salsas Kristian was seeing a good response from their clients. People really liked their salsas and the traditional taste of them. So, when Kristian moved to Puerto Vallarta he wanted to share the salsas that everyone liked so much, and he opened up Salsas Pajarilla in December 2017.




Kristian's salsas don't only give Oaxacan flavor, but also tradition and culture. The chile they use, Chilhuacle, is a big part of Oaxacan culture. Chilhuacles are an exotic Oaxacan delicacy, which makes them expensive, but totally worth it. They are also very old and have been imbedded in Kristian's culture for a long time. In fact, the word Chilhuacle means "old chile" in Nahuatl.


After years of making these delicious Oaxacan salsas, and Kristian having to take time to teach at his school, The Magic Market and Festival opened, and the married couple decided they wanted to try it out, even with their busy schedule. So, they got a booth and they come every week to sell salsas. They have a stunning display of a cactus, where in each hole a different flavor of salsa is sitting, and a table beautiful decorated as well. But, even though it's beautiful, it's not very noticed.. You would think that at the entrance everyone would see their stand, but in fact most people walk right by.


So, next time you go to the Magic Market and Festival, on Fridays from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM stop by Salsas Pajarillo. Stop by and support Kristian and Agne, by buying one, or two, or five, of their delicious salsas packaged inside of cute jars with a cute hummingbird on the front.




Goodbye! Hope to see you this Friday on 9/19, and I hope to see you visited Salsas Pajarilla!