Grupo Medico Joya, A Dream Come True

Business News
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When people around the world think of Puerto Vallarta, without a doubt, they close their eyes and see a real “Pueblo Magico”.

Cobblestone streets, beautify beaches, smiles everywhere from the inhabitants of the friendliest city in the world and in the center of the painting, a beautiful church with a crown framing the wonderful scenery. 


However, this icon of Mexican Cultural Magic, also has been a point of reference to become the favorite destination, par excellence, of millions of international tourists, which has forced Puerto Vallarta to commit to an incentive of infrastructure as well as technology. This is precisely what led Dr. Armando Joya to commit to this port, where he was born.

Dr. Joya, a bariatric specialist, one of the leaders of bariatric medical tourism, and one of the driving forces of this tourist segment in the destination of Puerto Vallarta, had a dream: his love and passion for medicine, coupled with his business vision, made 2020 the special year when he was able to achieve that dream.


Those who know Dr. Joya admire his charisma and sensibility.  Those who have the honor of working with him admire his tireless vision.


Grupo Medico Joya is a group 100% “Vallartenses”, that was consolidated after the acquisition of the hospitals formerly called San Javier Marina (located in Puerto Vallarta) and San Javier Riviera (located in Nuevo Vallarta).  Joining this chain of Hospital Joya is Clinic Sanmaré, an outpatient surgery clinic that offers medical services in various specialties and short-term surgeries, as well as the renowned bariatric brand of Dr. Armando Joya.


Today the Grupo Medico Joya brand has begun to gain an important place in the market as a benchmark in quality, technology and hospitality, with third level hospitals certified by the General Health Council and the Canadian Health Services Council as well as second level hospitals.


Joya Medical Group is a group committed to taking care of the integrity and health of the patients, which is why it cares about having high quality medical services, as well as the use of cutting-edge technology and warmth in the medical care.


Faced with the various needs of the communities of Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit, as well as that of the millions of national and international tourists who visit these tourist destinations, with strategic points of medical attention in hotels, it is because of these needs that Grupo Médico Joya is developing new hospitals in various tourist destinations and cities throughout the Mexican Republic, beginning this expansion process with the opening of its new hospital in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.