Controversial Candy Bar Restaurant Closed in Emiliano Zapata

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Puerto Vallarta Jal, May 6, 2021. A gay bar located in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood has been closed.

This afternoon it was announced that the controversial Candy Bar Restaurant closed its doors to the public, the owners themselves announced it through social networks, mainly Facebook, as well as directly to the priest Esteban Salazar, parish priest of the church La Santa Cruz. The Candy bar restaurant operated not only as a restaurant but in a different way so the parishioners never agreed with the opening of the place, so that affected them by not having the response they expected and without customers were in the need to close their doors, because that was no longer business for them, represented more losses than profits, in addition to the dissatisfaction of the Catholic community living in that place in the area.

It is important to mention that the day before closing, they presented a light and party show, with high volume music, which was not allowed by the authorities, who probably contributed to close the place, because if we remember there was a document signed by the authorities where they would proceed to close the place in case of violation of one of the agreements made by the municipal authorities as well as by the priest Esteban Salazar, pastor of the church La Santa Cruz, which is located in front of the Candy bar restaurant in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood.

Esteban Salazar  commented that he had no official knowledge of the closure, but he said he was happy with it, since as a parish priest he was against the wishes of the neighbors and the Catholic congregation itself. Finally the Candy Bar Restaurant located in front of the church La Santa Cruz, in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, will no longer operate after almost five months of operation.