20 Tips For Driving On Highway 200 Towards Mismaloya, Puerto Vallarta

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Useful Tips for Traveling on Highway 200 Towards Colima

Following these tips can significantly improve your safety and that of your passengers when traveling on Highway 200 towards Mismaloya in Puerto Vallarta.

1.-Check the vehicle's condition: Before leaving, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Check the brakes, tires, steering system, and lights.

2.-Plan the trip: Check the weather and road conditions before leaving. During the rainy season, conditions can change quickly.

3.-Drive slowly: Reduce speed, especially on curves. Highway 200 has many sharp curves that can be dangerous if taken at high speed.

4.-Keep a distance: Leave enough space between your vehicle and the one in front. This will give you more time to react to any eventuality.

5.-Be patient: Do not attempt to overtake on curves or when visibility is limited. Wait for a straight and safe stretch to do so.

6.-Use lights: In low visibility conditions, such as heavy rain or fog, use low beams so other drivers can see you.

7.-Avoid distractions: Keep your full attention on the road. Do not use your mobile phone or engage in other activities that distract you while driving.

8.-Be aware of landslides: Landslides are common during the rainy season. Keep your eyes open for any signs of rock or soil falls.

9.-Use seat belts: Ensure that all occupants of the vehicle wear seat belts at all times.

10.-Obey traffic signs: Pay attention to all traffic signs, especially those indicating dangerous curves, speed limits, and landslide warnings.

11.-Avoid driving at night: If possible, avoid driving on Highway 200 at night, as visibility is lower and it is more challenging to see obstacles on the road.

12.-Be careful with motorcyclists: Share the road safely with motorcyclists, who are harder to see and can be more vulnerable in slippery road conditions.

13.-Do not brake abruptly: On wet roads, sudden braking can cause your vehicle to skid. Instead, brake gently and in advance.

14.-Maintain control on curves: Turn the steering wheel smoothly and gradually on curves to avoid losing control of the vehicle.

15.-Drive cautiously on bridges and tunnels: These areas can be slipperier than the rest of the road, especially in wet conditions.

16.-Check the tires: Ensure your tires have sufficient tread and are correctly inflated to provide good traction.

17.-Carry emergency equipment: Keep an emergency kit on hand that includes a reflective triangle, a high-visibility vest, a fire extinguisher, and basic tools.

18.-Stay calm: If you encounter difficult or dangerous conditions, stay calm and drive carefully. Panic can lead to rushed and dangerous decisions.

19.-Have an alternative plan: Know alternative routes in case the road is blocked by a landslide or other obstacle.

20.-Inform someone about your route: Let a friend or family member know your route and estimated arrival time so they can alert authorities if you do not arrive on time.

At Vallarta Today, we care about your safety and hope to contribute to improving your driving experience and protecting you and your family.