The 2024 Tax Mailbox

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The SAT is preparing new measures for the use of the Tax Mailbox.

The Tax Mailbox is a tool that serves as a direct communication channel with the tax authority. It was established in 2014 and has had the secondary function of being a means to receive tax notifications, various matters, administrative acts, administrative notices, and it's possible to perform certain actions through this efficient tool. However, 9 years after its creation, not all taxpayers have been able to use it. This is because issues of unconstitutionality have been found or even, there are those who are not entirely in agreement with using this tool.

For 2024, the SAT of Mexico has informed that the Tax Mailbox, based on article 17 k of the Federal Fiscal Code, will be mandatory for all active taxpayers. Some exceptions may apply not to have this mailbox active, such as:

  • Not having tax obligations.
  • Existence of a suspension.
  • No economic activities have been carried out.
  • For Individuals, having income from wages and salaries that do not exceed $400,000.

Apart from these reasons, all taxpayers must have their Tax Mailbox active and updated with their contact information. It is important to note that in order to open the Tax Mailbox, it will be necessary to access the SAT page to review it because there might be a case where you receive a notification email, but if you don't open the Mailbox, it is considered as not reviewed.

Some changes that will begin to be implemented through the following year 2024 are:

  1. Now, the SAT, like other Federal Government agencies such as the IMSS, ISSSTE, or INFONAVIT, can use this tool to notify certain measures.
  2. Some local tax authorities will be able to make requirements through this platform.
  3. There will be a fine of $3000 or up to $10000 for those who have not activated and updated their Tax Mailbox.

Therefore, it is advisable to avoid fines by activating the Tax Mailbox because if not complied with, as established by the SAT, it can lead to an infraction since it has been mandatory since the year 2020.