XVII National Painting Contest "The Child And The Sea"

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Culture, the Sea, and Children

The Secretariat of the Navy-Naval Force of Mexico invites you to the XLVII National Children's Painting Contest "The Child and the Sea." The National Painting Contest "The Child and the Sea" in Mexico is an emblematic event aimed at promoting artistic creativity and environmental awareness among the country's youth. Held annually, this contest invites children and adolescents from all regions of Mexico to express their vision of the relationship between humans and the sea through art. The contest's theme, centered on the child and the sea, offers a unique opportunity to reflect on the importance of preserving marine ecosystems and promoting responsible conservation practices. Through their works, participants can explore themes such as the ocean's beauty, marine biodiversity, environmental protection, and the impacts of climate change on seas and oceans.

The National Painting Contest "The Child and the Sea" not only stimulates the artistic creativity of young people but also provides them with a platform to express their concerns and visions regarding the protection of oceans and marine life. Winning works are often distinguished by their originality, technique, and inspiring message. Besides fostering artistic talent, this contest helps raise societal awareness about the importance of caring for and respecting the marine environment. Exhibitions of the selected works typically attract public attention and generate constructive debates about ocean conservation and the need for protective measures.

The call for entries is open from May 1 to May 31, 2024. Mexican children aged 6 to 12 are eligible to participate. Only one original work per participant will be accepted. The prizes are as follows: The first place winner will receive a trip to Mexico City and the Port of Veracruz with all expenses paid by the Secretariat of the Navy, accompanied by an adult, along with a diploma, Navy souvenirs, and a surprise gift. The second and third place winners will receive a diploma, Navy souvenirs, and a surprise gift.

The central theme of the work is the sea and ecological-maritime awareness, in any of its aspects and manifestations. The National Painting Contest "The Child and the Sea" is also an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the school community, educational institutions, and organizations dedicated to environmental conservation. Participation in this event promotes teamwork, camaraderie, and commitment to the environmental cause.

Over the years, this contest has inspired thousands of children and young people to explore their creativity and commit to protecting the marine environment. Their works are not only artistic expressions but also calls to action to care for and preserve the oceans for future generations. The National Painting Contest "The Child and the Sea" in Mexico is much more than an artistic competition; it is a platform for environmental education, social awareness, and the promotion of values of respect and care for the oceans and marine life.