International Dance Day 2024.

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The Ballet community in Puerto Vallarta celebrated in their own way.

International Dance Day is celebrated every April 29th to pay homage to this form of artistic expression that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. This date commemorates the birth of Jean-Georges Noverre, a prominent French choreographer of the 18th century considered the father of modern ballet. Since its establishment in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute, International Dance Day has grown in importance, becoming a global platform to celebrate the diversity and beauty of dance in all its forms. Dance is much more than simple body movements; it is a universal means of communication that conveys emotions, ideas, and cultures. From ancient rituals to contemporary expressions, dance has been an integral part of the human experience throughout history. In every corner of the world, we find unique dance styles that reflect the identity and creativity of its practitioners, from classical ballet to flamenco, Indian bharatanatyam, or urban hip-hop.

International Dance Day offers an opportunity to reflect on the impact of this art form on our lives and society as a whole. In addition to being a source of entertainment and aesthetic beauty, dance plays an important role in promoting physical and mental well-being, fostering individual expression, and teamwork. Numerous studies have demonstrated the therapeutic benefits of dance, ranging from improved coordination and flexibility to stress and anxiety reduction. On this day, events and activities are organized worldwide to celebrate dance in all its forms. From performances in renowned theaters to open classes in public squares, the global dance community comes together to share its passion and talent with the public. In addition to celebrating the achievements of dancers and choreographers, International Dance Day is also an opportunity to advocate for the preservation and support of this art form, ensuring that it continues to enrich our lives in the future.

Unfortunately, in Puerto Vallarta, there is no government support for the realization of a Dance Festival at the level it requires, or perhaps what is lacking is for the authorities to be knowledgeable about the subject, which is why officially no International Dance Day Festival takes place here. However, the private sector of the Mexican Folkloric world organizes a Festival named after a renowned Folkloric Dance ballet, we refer to "Vallarta Azteca".

Although the Classical Ballet community in Puerto Vallarta is very small and disjointed, individually, each Ballet academy celebrated International Dance Day in its own way, some with private classes, others with public ballet classes, or some organized small festivals in their own academies so that this important day for dancers would not go unnoticed. Such is the case of "Ballarte" by Gabriel Casas, which celebrated by giving open classes at its venue, or "Dance Day" by Day Narvaez, which organized a small festival with much love for its young dancers.

Ultimately, International Dance Day reminds us that despite our differences, dance has the power to unite us as human beings. Through movement, we can transcend the barriers of language and culture, connecting with others in a deep and meaningful way. In an increasingly divided world, dance offers us a way to celebrate our diversity and find our unity in creative expression and shared art.


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