2020 The Year That Changed History

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2020 The year that changed the history of humanity and marked Puerto Vallarta as an open door to the world.


A year in which Puerto Vallarta served as a refuge for cruise ships and international tourists.

The pandemic came as a tsunami at the beginning of the year, surprised us all and without being physically or mentally prepared, without knowing where to run or what to do, a terrible disease at first terrifying, and difficult to cure, a virus that left thousands of deaths in an instant worldwide, a pandemic that stopped the economy and paralyzed the stock markets of the entire world.

 And now 2021, a year that will undoubtedly represent the life expectancy of thousands of people throughout the world.

What we learned; that we are all equal regardless of race, color or economic status, as well as age, and social level, that we all need everyone, because this disease cannot be cured by itself but needs humanitarian aid, and being in solidarity with others, solidarity allowed many people to get out of this situation with the help of others in all ways with the disease, with food, medical services and medicines.

That we found ourselves in the need to change hygiene habits, made us be cleaner, more orderly, more careful, more suspicious, and more in solidarity with others. 

Puerto Vallarta, the exemplary city in front of the pandemic that hit the whole world, with the lowest numbers of deaths and infections of the coronavirus; with the most restrictive but most effective measures, a solidary port that represented the refuge of several cruise ships that took shelter during the most difficult times of the coronavirus, a friendly city, an open door to the world.

A city that represented the second home for North Americans and Canadians who decided to remain sheltered in Puerto Vallarta during the trajectory of the pandemic.

It was a year in which foreigners were united with Puerto Vallarta and its people as a family, during the trying moments the tourist destination was going through due to the difficult economic situation that left hundreds of homes without income, who received support with pantries that the same North Americans distributed to the Vallarta families, an honorable show of brotherhood and unconditional gratitude. 

In short, it’s been a year of challenges, competitions, and survival, in order to preserve life in a time of little hope. Soon it will be possible to have a normal life expectancy with the new vaccine to combat the pandemic, which took almost a year for the countries that in the race to find the cure, competed amongst other nations until they achieved 95 percent effectiveness, a great respite for humanity battered by this harmful virus. 

Vallarta Today wants to recognize the Americans and Canadians for their valuable collaboration to the Vallarta community, in the most difficult times of the pandemic and at the same time, thanks its readers for the trust they have placed in us during this year that has passed, wishing them a healthful and succesfull 2021 full of blessings. Happy New Year! And God bless you!