666 Tickets For NOT Respecting Prohibited Places

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Parking infractions continue to be issued for parking in prohibited places.

It is important to observe the places marked by Transito Municipal, some are marked with a yellow line, which means NO parking, while some for obvious reasons are NOT allowed to park, as is the case of the malecon, almost at the end where is the entrance of the authorities in this case the Navy. If so, they will be fined with infractions and in some cases if the person is not found nearby they could take the car to the corralon, (large parking lot where the crane takes the badly parked cars), where it will be even more expensive to recover the car left, so it is necessary not to trust leaving the cars in those places, especially tourists who could even lose their IDs or passports.

The Deputy Directorate of Municipal Traffic reported that during the month of July parking in forbidden places was once again the first place in the list of infractions issued in Puerto Vallarta, with 666 tickets. The head of the municipal agency, Everardo Rubio Avalos, explained that it is very likely that this infraction is in first place month after month, due to the fact that Puerto Vallarta lacks sufficient parking spaces, especially in the downtown area. Municipal Transit personnel also issued 422 infractions for not respecting red lights, 158 for using cell phones while driving, 74 tickets for speeding and 67 infractions for not using seat belts. It is worth mentioning that 10 infractions were issued for driving under the influence of alcohol, 6 for parking or riding in bicycle lanes and 296 for "others", such as turning in prohibited areas, not having lights, etc. Rubio Avalos said that the mobility regulations will continue to be applied in accordance with the law, always respecting the integrity and rights of citizens, so that drivers do not feel assaulted and can comply with their obligations.

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