Airbnb Rental Earnings Decline

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The lack of foreign tourists in PV has caused a decrease in the profits in dollars that this platform generated before the pandemic.


For those who manage this platform in Puerto Vallarta it is no longer profitable due to the current situation, according to the hosts who only have national guests and therefore cannot charge in dollars. This means a decrease in the high part of what was the wave that was this business during the years prior to 2020, and created the situation of what until recently was a good business, and today is no longer profitable. 

In this region it is estimated that there are more than 5,000 establishments offered for rent, from condominiums, houses, and residences of different styles and sizes that have practically not been rented so far this season. To try to alleviate this situation, the platform has just launched Airbnb's Health safety Attestation tool, which will help its hosts to determine if their guests have covid-19. The tool, which is voluntary in principle, will allow guests to testify that they have no symptoms, nor have they been recently exposed to covid-19.


The vacation rental platform could develop other options within the tool such as requiring testing and vaccination of guests. Airbnb's Health safety Attestation will be available in the United States as a pilot country and will then be implemented in other countries. 

Airbnb warns that guests should not check in if they are infected, show symptoms, or have been exposed to the virus, but if the host cancels a reservation because of a positive case, the guest will be refunded in full. This development is based on the protocols of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

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