Aldermen Agree To Create The Mismaloya Arches Day

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It would be on July 28th of each year, with the purpose of highlighting the natural richness of Puerto Vallarta.

In a session of the Environmental Commission, presided by Councilman Luis Ernesto Munguía, and of which Councilwomen Sara Mosqueda and Claudia Alejandra Iñiguez are also members, the proposed initiative of the City Council to declare July 28th of each year as Mismaloya's Arches Day was reviewed. The purpose of this initiative is to highlight the relevance of this space within the natural richness of Puerto Vallarta and to promote its conservation. Along with this proposal, which will be presented in a city council session, another initiative is being worked on, which will be presented in February to this municipal commission, so that this municipality exhorts the state government to declare the protection of the arches. This, because currently there is no decree on the matter but an agreement, and also that it can be considered as a National Marine Park. Likewise, it was agreed to start with the creation of the agenda of activities that will be carried out on June 5th, on the occasion of the Environment Day.

Los Arcos de Mismaloya is considered a beautiful National Marine Park in Puerto Vallarta, undoubtedly one of the most important sites to visit for our tourists and a true emblematic sign of Puerto Vallarta, with natural rock formations, as well as the home of numerous other species and exotic birds that inhabit it.

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