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AMLO During His Visit to Puerto Vallarta

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More economic resources will be allocated to promote the development of the region.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador pledged to allocate more economic resources in 2022 to promote the urban development of Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas. During his visit this Monday to Puerto Vallarta, coming from the municipality of Compostela, where he supervised infrastructure works last Sunday, Lopez Obrador acknowledged that there is a pending commitment with this region in the western part of the country. He said that he will allocate important economic resources to Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas for the urban improvement program in the next fiscal year 2022. The president pointed out that the federal government's goal is to shorten the gap that exists between the economic development of the companies and the population, especially in the tourist areas of the country, such as Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas, which in the latter case is home to the Riviera Nayarit brand.

We want to model the contrasts that exist in the tourist areas, with good quality hotels and the situation of the popular neighborhoods". President Lopez Obrador explained during his visit this Monday to Puerto Vallarta where he offered his traditional morning conference from the facilities of the Naval Zone. SAFE JALISCO Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was accompanied by the governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, who also participated in the morning conference. Alfaro highlighted the results obtained in the state in terms of public safety in recent years. Alfaro, highlighted the results obtained in the entity in terms of public security in recent years, which he said are very important and are the product of the coordination that has been had with the Mexican Army, the National Guard and the Secretary of the Navy. "For the first time in 5 years, Jalisco has achieved a large percentage reduction in the total crime rate," said the governor of Jalisco.