Another Day Without Infections And Deaths Reported In Vallarta

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Last Tuesday, November 17, Puerto Vallarta had yet another day without any new infections or deaths due to the coronavirus, which continues to bring havoc in the state of Jalisco as well as nationwide.


 This is the third time so far this November that the municipality reports show zero new infections and deaths. The two previous occasions were Monday, November 2 and Sunday, November 8. According to the statistics of the Jalisco Secretary of Health, Puerto Vallarta adds up to a total of 155 positive cases of Covid-19 and 11 deaths caused by the SARS-VOC-2 infection among the inhabitants of this tourist destination in the 17 days of November. With this total of 155 infections the municipality registers a total of 9.1 positive cases daily, after October having an average of 21.4 cases, in September it was 23.1 cases, in August it was 31.1 cases and in July it was 35.3 daily cases of Coronavirus among the population of Puerto Vallarta. 

Even at the end of this month of November, the total cases may come very close to matching the number of infections reported in May, which have been the lowest figures since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Puerto Vallarta. With 18 deaths, for an average of 6.1 daily cases in June, 580 infections and 28 deaths were reported, for an average of 19.3 daily cases. DO NOT LOWER YOUR GUARDS It is because of this decrease in Puerto Vallarta as the Jalisco Secretary of Health insists on not lowering its guard and, on the contrary, to reinforce now more than ever the health prevention measures against the coronavirus.