Api Confirms Cruise Arrival

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Vidanta Elegant arrived without passengers on board, only crew members of the ship and will remain docked for three months in the Port. 


The Vidanta Elegant cruise ship, of 152.2 meters in length, will arrive at Puerto Vallarta this past November 6th of this year and will serve as a home port once it begins operations. This ship, first of its kind in Mexico and which belongs to the Vallarta Cruises line, will be carrying out the coastal line: Puerto Vallarta-Mazatlán -Puerto Vallarta. Coming from the port of Mazatlan, the cruise ship arrived without passengers on board and with 124 crew members of different nationalities for its operation and functioning. While it is carrying out the last finishing touches in order to start operations soon, it will be moored at Pier 2 of the port, where the first port services will also be provided and where it will embark the crew to complete its staff. Vidanta Elegant will have a capacity for 298 passengers, who will enjoy 149 cabins and suites with sea view, distributed in six decks. In addition, each cabin will have a concierge service, to offer personalized attention. The ship, which will offer only adult services, is designed to privilege luxury above all else, equipped with 12 magnificent restaurants, spa, full-service gym, nightly entertainment, boutique and an upper-deck swimming pool. During the arrival and as part of the protocols carried out in the ports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, public servants from International Health, Migration, Customs and SENASICA were present and carried out the "Free Talk" to verify the crew's health, issue the corresponding certificates and authorizations as well as guarantee the safety of the cruise and the maritime-port community. The elegant cruise ship is scheduled to sail tentatively on January 19, 2021 to the port of Mazatlan.