Beaches closed at 5:00 pm

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Yesterday afternoon the beaches of Puerto Vallarta were closed.

 Elements of the municipal police of this city asked the tourists to leave the beach to which the people responded in a very good manner and they took their things and left the place.

 It is important to point out that the authorities are doing their job to maintain order in the city. When we arrived at the Holly beach, we noticed that there were officers at the entrance checking the temperature of the people, as well as the application of gel and the use of masks to access the place, so we had to go through the operational filter that the authorities are carrying out, once inside we observed that there was a distance between the umbrellas of the people who were on the sand on the beach, everything was in order.

 We noticed a lot of activity in the sea with the parachutists, this extreme activity that foreign tourists like so much, they choose to vacation in Mexican beaches. Another of the most requested activities were the jet skis and the boats that offer trips to the sea that passed by the place. People looked very happy and relaxed enjoying the sun and beach, and the opportunity to vacation again, so the first day of Easter Week was a success, as tourists responded very well to the measures that are being carried out for the surveillance and health care. It is important to remember that among the guidelines for Easter week it is important to highlight that restaurants, bars, nightclubs, cantinas, nightclubs and other establishments of this type must close at 23:00 hours. This measure is only for the tourist destinations of Puerto Vallarta and Costa Alegre, the Chapala Riviera and the nine magical towns. On the other hand, the tourist municipalities of the coast of Jalisco must supervise the time allowed to stay on the beaches, which is from 5:00 to 17:00 hours.

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