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Building in High-risk Areas, Irresponsibility of Governments

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Governor Enrique Alfaro, clarified that development cannot take place by invading high risk areas.

During his visit to Puerto Vallarta, the governor of the state of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, explained that the damage reported in the constructions located on the banks of the rivers is a product not only of the forces of nature, but also of the irresponsibility of the governments that allowed their construction in high risk zones.

He referred to the Rivera del Cuale condominium building that has a part "floating" on the tributary, and affirmed that this situation should not be allowed to continue. "In the tour I am making we have also seen part of the explanation of the problem, the constructions in the river, all these constructions are invasions to the federal zone, that is the reality, that happened many years ago, that the building back here was allowed, it was flying over the river, it is a sample of how the force of nature is combined, but also the action of man and irresponsible governments that in the past allowed construction in high risk areas, so these are things that we have to understand, that are part of the reality of whatever it may have been, now what we have to do is to look ahead, but to understand that this cannot continue to be allowed, and hopefully it will serve as a lesson for us to understand that development cannot take place by invading risk areas and above all the natural riverbeds and streams of the state of Jalisco".

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