Businessmen Ask The Mayor To Prevent The Sale Of Vallarta

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Mayor assumes series of commitments with businessmen and neighbors of the southern zone of Vallarta

Corruption has two children called lack of rule of law and impunity, say in meeting with municipal president.

The mayor of Puerto Vallarta, Luis Alberto Michel Rodríguez, assumed a series of commitments with businessmen and neighbors of the southern zone of the city, such as the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood, Zona Romántica, Conchas Chinas and Mismaloya. From the outset, businessmen and neighbors made a series of complaints to the mayor, to whom they asked not to "sell" Puerto Vallarta any more, as was done by the past municipal administration. During the meeting the attendees -vallartenses and foreign residents- made the mayor aware of a series of irregularities, anomalies and corrupt acts committed by the municipal government that concluded its administration last September 30. Before businessmen and neighbors, Prof. Luis Michel pledged to apply the rule of law to bring order to the tourist destination, which today faces a series of problems inherited by the last municipal administration.

Issues And Irregularities: During the meeting, Luis Michel addressed issues of social interest that affect the citizens and the patrimony of Puerto Vallarta. The meeting was held in the facilities of the Municipal Administrative Unit (UMA) of the Los Portales neighborhood and was attended by a good number of citizens, among them foreigners with properties in the south of the city. All those present expressed their concerns, as well as the affectation they have been suffering from the permits to build buildings outside the regulations, which were authorized by the last administration headed by Arturo Dávalos Peña. Among other issues raised by the attendees were the sale of the 18 properties that were offered in an irregular manner in the past municipal administrations, affecting the patrimony of the people of Vallarta.businessmen prevent the sale of vallarta

The attendees reminded the mayor that both in the country and in Puerto Vallarta there was not a change of government, but a change of regime, where corruption, the lack of application of the rule of law and impunity should not exist in this new government, to which they gave their trust. For this reason, all the attendees requested the municipal president to review and file the corresponding actions, such as the trial of lesivity to recover the assets of the city and to establish the responsibilities against the public officials of the past who are responsible.

Excessive Noise: Likewise, businessmen and neighbors discussed the excess of noise emitted by the different fixed and mobile sources in the city, such as :commercial establishments, houses, constructions, automobiles with their music or exhaust sounds. They recalled that there is a regulation approved since 2018 against noise that should be applied to solve the problem, however to date it is a dead letter when it comes to apply it or enforce it. In turn, the municipal president summoned his different officials to bring order and address complaints and denunciations. He asked to be attentive to the municipal trustee, the general secretary, the director of Urban Development and Environment, the commissioner of Public Safety, the director of Inspection and Regulations, the director of Registration and Licenses, the director of Public Works, the municipal comptroller and the director of Tourism, among others. Luis Michel asked his officials to take note and attend to each of the demands raised by those present.

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