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By Air, Sea and Land They Will Continue Searching for Berenice

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Authorities are not giving up hope of finding the young woman, as stated by Governor Enrique Alfaro.

The search for the young Luz Berenice has not ceased and the authorities of Civil Protection and Firefighters do not lose confidence in finding her alive. This was made clear during the visit made this Thursday to Puerto Vallarta by the Governor of Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, who expressed his solidarity with the family of the 27 year old girl. The Chief of the State Executive informed that the search for Luz Berenice, who disappeared last Saturday night, August 28, when her car was swept by a strong current of water into the Cuale River near the Buenos Aires neighborhood, has not ceased.

This, as a consequence of the large amount of rain that hurricane "Nora" unloaded in the mountains of this region during the night of Saturday and the early morning of Sunday, August 29th. The governor said that the search actions are not visible, but they are being carried out by air, sea and land of Puerto Vallarta and that there is hope of finding her alive. The state governor expressed his solidarity with the relatives of the missing girl and affirmed that they will have the full support of the municipal and state authorities in the difficult moments they are going through due to this unfortunate circumstance.

Relatives of Berenice, the young woman who was swept away by the current of the river, aboard her truck the night of the hurricane, ask the governor for help